Should I tell my friend her boyfriend is cheating on her?


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Forest Lone answered
Only if you have proof. Then tell her because you are "being a friend". If your friend don't protect you, why have them?
If she gets mad, let her. When she gets hurt by this bf in the future, she will look back and see what a true friend you were. It would make your friendship stronger in the end.
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Cherry Rose
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Thanks. Though what should I do about my other friend (the one that's doing the cheating) I don't want to lose either of them. (Or my ex-boyfriend for that matter (We're good friends))
Forest Lone
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Your other friend made a choice to go with the bf. The bf made the choice to cheat on your friend. Their choices are not your concern and do nothing. Just let your friend be aware and let the chips fall where they may.
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Yes because if shes the type of person who would rather you tell her you should because she might get mad if u dont or dont believe you at first...but regardless you were right in the end with whatever happens.
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Would u want ur friend to tell u if ur boyfriend was cheating on u? Tell her
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I would first confront the boyfriend telling him that what he's doing is unacceptable, and since you know all 3 of them, try to get all of them in the same room to talk. He can't lie to both his girlfriends at the same time.
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Yes if your friendship is worth it then yeah
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Youll risk your friendship if you do or dont as she may already know and trying to figure out what to do next but you can tell her but you better have concrete evidence before you do
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Cherry Rose
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I have concrete evidence. I found them kissing and going on a date when she was on holiday. I know she has sucpisions, because she asked me if I knew anything, but I don't know how to reply.
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Youll end up risking a freind ship...but if u have proof then prove to ur freind that shes being cheated on...then tell her...its the only way
need anymore help just follow me and ask
ur freind Vamp.
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Well im not really sure u should do dat cause she might think u like her boyfriend or not happy for her but if u think shes goin to believe u nd undersatnd u den go ahead !
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Cherry Rose
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I do like her boyfriend. He's my ex. So, I don't think she'll believe me. She'll just think I want him back.

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