I Don't Like One Of My Friends Anymore What Should I Do To Tell Her?


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Honestly, I would sit your friend down and tell her how you feel. There may be something you can do to save your friendship, try to figure out what it is that you don't like about her and if its been an ongoing situation. If you feel that there isn't anyway to save the relationship just tell her straight out. You don't want to put something like this off because you may end up hurting this person more. Its kind of like a love relationship, you don't want to put your friend on the back burner or lead him or her along. Just make sure that your doing the right thing, really consider the fact that friends are forever and this friend may know things about you that you really can't tell anyone else. For example... I let go of my best friend about 4 years ago. I regret it so much! She knew me better than I knew myself and I miss her so much. I try to call her all the time and she won't respond back, I really hurt her feelings and I can never get my friend back. I'm not saying that my situation will happen to you, but do you really want to take that chance? But if it does, I can promise you that your relationship will never be the same. It will always be in the back of your friends mind that you rejected her/him and they may not have much trust in you.
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Well I have a so called best friend too who has been irritating me to no end here in the last few months til I began to get so angry, miss know it all, if you know what I mean, she just made me so angry every time I talked to her it seemed, so I decided to stop answering the phone to her( only once in a while I will) if she has a bad attitude I cut her short, tell her I am so busy and don't take her calls again for awhile, she is getting the hint, our relationship is slowly going away without me saying anything.She calls less and less. Great!
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Here is what you do you tell him/her calmly just explain what went ronge in your friendship. If he/her is your true friend they will understand. Don't go with it for 2 years and don't do anything about  it like my 2 friends it will eventually irater your other friends. Do it soon so he / her don't have to ask you. You wouldn't want to do that if it was you they had a problem with would you? I hope this helps. If only I could het my friend to do this but she doesn't have the guts to. Hope you have the guts to.
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Consider if you would like to loose your friendship ,
Maybe if you give it some time with both of you , By not seeing each other or by txting, The next time you see each other will be better . Why are you keeping it from her ?
If you do that she thinks its going to be okay by  doing it again& again when really it just makes you mad . Be honest.
Be like  , You know when you do this and that , it makes me mad . I havent told you this before but it really makes me mad at you .
Be as HONEST as you can , don't force your friendship with her as well .
Its hard when you don't want to loose the friendship you have . But sometimes its just better for both of you .
Friends come and go .

Good luck .
Have a positive mind and a strong heart! (:
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Tell that person that your not comfortable with his/her attitude
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I know exactly how you feel. Whenever she is being a jerk, I just confront her. She never does it again. Just tell her the way you feel and she will understand if she really is your friend
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Think about this seriously and consider the pros and cons, if you still feel you don't want them, then do NOT tell them by email or text. You will need to confrount them, tell them how you feel, and then follow your gut instinct. Good luck
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Make her jealous..
Hang out with more friends around him or her and look like you are having fun!
Try to become friends with a person you usually don't hang out with...
:):) :)

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