My Friend Is Thinking About Cheating On Her Husband. I Don't Think She Should. What Do I Tell Her?


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Tell her is it really worth ruining her relationship. Just because times get hard is she going to turn to cheating every single time? It's not worth it at all. The best thing to do is get counseling, just because things are not working now doesn't mean that it won't work out in the end. She needs to think hard and realize what she has before she loses it all. She's going to regret big time. I suggest counseling it really helps and it can work wonders if she lets it.
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Unless she's looking for a end to the marriage which is what will happen she shouldn't. These things take on a life of there own and entangle you in ways that you can't begin to know in advance. If there are children involved they will pay the price along with the unfaithful partner and the wronged husband. It's a lose lose lose situation.
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Personally, I have a very strong theory about this:  NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER get between a couple....and I mean never!  I'm sure more than one person will agree with me on the following- because it's happened to probably all of us at one point in our lives: You get in the middle of a private/personal problem like this and before you know it -what's meant to happen will happen, no matter what you say or do AND the downside (for you) will be that when it's all done & over with- you'll be the bad guy!  The best you can do is advise your friend and share your feelings about how you don't think it's right, etc.....but she's an adult (I hope :) and she is responsible for her own actions.   
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I would have to agree with this... best thing is to listen and phrase things in terms of "I want you to do what makes you happy" ...and ask her questions that lead to a conclusion for herself. don't want them to get back together and she's like "I know you always hated him"
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Exactly!! And this ALWAYS try to help, they get back together and she will never forget what you told her before ;)
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Cheating is a symptom of unhappiness in a relationship. If she wants a divorce, then that means that there is something lacking in her relationship with her husband.

What is your opinion on her wanting a divorce? Of course people should not cheat and be unfaithful. But if her mind is thinking of someone else, then her heart is already being unfaithful.

Probably your friend needs to do some serious thinking as to why she wants to cheat on him, and whether she really wants a divorce.

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i am honestly all for them getting a divorce cause he is a control freak and he wont let her leave or anything. she wanted a night out with the girls n he got mad. and when her sister graduated college he threw a fit cause she went to it! she knows why she has told me. she is unhappy and wants to be able to do what she wants when she wants n not have to go threw feeling like she is 12 again n needs daddys permission.
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Wow, sounds like he's got some anger issues. She might be trying to cheat as a way out. To show him how serious she is about her unhappiness. Sounds like she might also be afraid of how he'd react. But really, the faster she starts to talk to him about her unhappiness and her desire for a divorce, the faster she can move on with her life. Probably the best way for you to be a friend is to be supportive. You might disapprove of her possible cheating, just be a friend whatever her decision. The more support she has in her life the easier it will be for her to get through this tough time.
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Want more details about your friend...! Tell her her ex- will dumped her again like they part before. Maybe they are missing each other recollecting their old days. But see they are going to part away as they did in the past.I should say that your friend is just trying  to mediated the present lifestyle of celebrities.. Which will not be suitable for her... At last she will remember her husband when she is st stake... Why don't you ask her to wake up from her sleep and think again...
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Wow well if that's what she is going to do 1st is a divorce then let her have fun but if she is going to cheat she's going to hurt not only her husband which is a person w/ feelings) she's going to scar some one and hurt them very badly. It's 100 % wrong do what ever you can to stop her. She will regret it for ever. Does she remember the man she fell in love with. And if she does cheat sorry but she's a bitc* karma sucks and she is a very low dirty person that no one has respect for. You respect women who respect them selfs and that have morals
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You say "I wouldn't cheat because its like saying "You aren't good enough to keep me interested", and I'm not honest enough to say I'm unhappy lets either fix it or be done with it because we invested in it,  So I'm going to stab you in the back and hurt you instead so I can remain dishonest, and I don't really care about promises I made." 

So girlfriend, if you decide to cheat, I can't be supportive and happy about you. It's my feelings on the subject and your decision.

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