I miss my ex/good friend a lot. I am a nice guy at heart and she knew that so she used it for her benefit. How do I move on? I don't think I really miss her, it's more like I miss being with someone. It has been four months since things ended (not on good terms on my part) so how do I get over her? I did all the recommended steps and she is completely out of my sight but not out of my mind. I think about her constantly.


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Find something or someone to focus your attention on. Stay busy . Every time you think her name start doing something different. Time is what you need but you have work at it.

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Unique Success
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Thanks Tony. The thing is I haven't gotten closure from her. Can I still move on without closure?
Toni Pauze
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I could. Don't know if you can or not. It's all in your mind at this time.

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