Will you be able to concentrate in class if your girl/boyfriend is in the same class with you? If not, will you miss them? Will this affect your grades?


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Arthur Wright answered
Youre in school for one reasson only , to learn and this is exactly why young love should be forbidden til an age when one can handle the special situations like school without it getting in the way
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Maxine Chan
Maxine Chan commented
Haha .. Arrogance is not the right way to put it and I do love myself but I am not in love with myself.
Arthur Wright
Arthur Wright commented
Yes but just think how much better your grades would be if you were and left the boys alone
Maxine Chan
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Haha, I got good grades whenever I am in love, I even got A's and B's one time whenever I had a bf.
Maria Not Telling Profile
If same class yes if not oh well im able to go 90 mins without missing them im over all that bs but it wouldnt effect my grades like i said im over that bs my schooling and my bf are different and if my grades were effected id get a new guy
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Maxine Chan
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LOL seriously you would get a new guy if your grades are affected?
Maria Not Telling
Yeah! Because when im older i need grades to move on and the chances of the relationship working out are slim to none so yes id put my money on grades over a guy any day
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Javen Martinez answered
It wouldn't affect me. I took a course last summer with my girl and we didn't pay attention to anything but we did have a great time! After class I would go off somewhere and study and make sure I wouldn't tell her. So I suggest just make sure you set some time aside so you can focus on your schooling and you should be fine. #Legit
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Peggy Burtwell answered
If my husband & I were in the same class in high school - he would've had me laughing so hard doing things to get my attention - we both would've ended up in detention alot. It was a good thing we didn't have classes together because it would've affected my grades and I didn't miss him because we saw each other every day before and after school.

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