Should I Tell My Mom That My Dad Is Cheating On Her? I'm So Lost I Don't Know What To Do .


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I think you should tell an aunt or uncle of would be easier for them to confront your dad....or for them to tell your mom.
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I am sorry you have to go though this.  This has got to be hard.  Your mom may already know or have an idea about it and just dont do anything about it or talk about it, because she is having a hard time with it and in denial.  My mother n law knows that my father n law has some one else and she does not leave.  She wants to hurt the other woman and is angry with her, but she dont choose to leave, she chooses to stay.  It is a very hard thing to do.  Most women will leave and come back.  They usually stay because they are scared of the unknown and are financially stable in the situation they are in.  Does the other lady know your dad is married?  If not, you cant blame her much.  It is good to get your feelings out.  It sounds like your family could use some family counseling which may or may not help.  I agree someone else should tell her, not you.  You are already grieving and going through a lot.  She does need to know, I believe.  Make sure you have some one to talk to and have a support system.  Also, be there for your mom.  When she finds out if she don't already know, she may be embarrassed and in denial, but she will need support and need you by her side.  Good luck.
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I feel so sorry that your father has allowed his child to be put in such a hard position.  I know it will be hard for you, but your mother needs to and your father needs to know that you know.  You do not need to bear the weight of disgust of your father and sorrow for your mother.  I would suggest seeking counseling for you and your parents.  If not to help any if any relationship for your parents but to help you deal with issues between you and your father and you and your mother.  I know your father is very wrong in his actions, and I don't know him personally, but you may want a relationship (of good standing) with him one day.  I wish you all the luck and love in the world! 
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I don't want to tell anyone , i don't want to humiliate my father , i just want to make him stop and i don't know how , and it hurts me too much to think of the pain that he could cause my mom. I feel so bad , how could i hate the one person i love with my whole heart ? I don't understand how he could do this to me my mom and my sisters. God i gave him a second chance, why didn't he take it , I am stress in out so much and i don't know what to do , this is starting to effect my studies and even my personal life , I've been think in about it too much , god i even lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks by doing nothing . I am so scared if i tell my mom that things r gonna change my whole life is going to flip upside down. We live in a small town where every1 knows every1 , and divorce and these kind of problems r shameful to the family . I don't want to not say anything and just watch it keep going on , but i don't want my mom to know. Today i got this really bad feeling like she was going to find out soon. And now I am panickin. Plz help me out
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i dont want to tell dont want to tell
I know how u feel i just found out that my dad was cheating on my mom i heard him talking to a girl in his room when my mom was out of town.......its sceary i know i cryed all night trying to figure out why god didint give me a happy familey........and my mom knows that hes cheating on her but, i think she just doesent wat me to have two parents so......its hard and my dad didint have a dad he left my dad and his mom soo i think thats why hes cheatingon my mom i dont know......but its sceary....
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You could find out where your dad and the woman meet. Then bring your mom there ( say to look at something ) maybe to get something to eat. That way your mom see it herself and at first you can act like you didn't known. That way you didn't tell her (but in fact you did without words.) Sorry for your pain. I'm sure it's not because of you but something wrong with your mom n dads relation. Hopefully they can fix it.
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Chances are, if you know of his cheating, so does your mother. Take the love you have for your Mother, be strong, and speak with your Father. You did not say how your found this out, so until you know for sure, don't say anything to your mother.  Tell your father that he is upsetting your world and he needs to be honest with his wife so she will be spared extra hurt from his dishonesty. We never know how a Parent will take news like that so tell your Dad it is HIS job to lay the truth out.
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You go to the cheater and let them know you know, and that you are terrible about keeping secrets, so they had better tell on themselves because its better than it would be coming from you.

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I think you should just tell your mom maybe have a long talk with her and comfort her
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No you shouldn't, that is between them two and you don't want to have the blame put on you for their break up! But talk to your dad and tell him about how you feel

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