When I discovered that my Dad was cheating on my Mom with another women it was the last thing I would want to know but now I don't know what to do. Should I tell my Mom? I didn't expect this to happen with my family so please help me. :(


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Elie, I have to disagree with the earlier comments. How can you NOT tell your poor mother that you're father is being dishonest and is breaking their initial vows???I can't understand how you must be feeling right now, but it's (although difficult) the best thing to do in the long run, imagine how your mum would feel when she does find out (which she will eventually) and finds out that you knew? Bad move if you ask me, she'll always resent you for that.I'm sure you love your Dad, but what he's doing is wrong and your mum needs to be aware.Good Luck,S
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I think you shouldn't tell your Mom. How long has your dad been cheating? If it's been like a couple of years, make him tell her. If it's been a couple of weeks, you tell her. Try to talk to your dad about it. What exucses does he have? None, probabley. Happy new years! *Gives out free hugs!*
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Elie bed
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Thnx a lot bethan that's what I was thinking about I should talk to my dad. Wish u to happy new year unlike what happened with me in 2012:(
Bethan You-don't-need-to-know
Your welcome and don't worry it'll work out!!!! Remember, everything happens for a reason! ;l
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YOU talk to your dad not your mom, you tell him you know and he better fix it one way or another with mom before you do it for him.

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Some things in the adult world are not for kids to see and know as some things get complicated like this so without solid proof, youre better off not saying a thing s you could make things worse and chances are your Mom may already know but may or may not know what to do either or may be dealing with this on her own so best just to stay out of it or you may end up choosing sides which isn't good for you either. Let this run its course and if your mom asks then tell, otherwise let it go and let your Parents work it out here
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Ok thanks arthur
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I understand where youre coming from here but also know you dont need to turn your dad against you here and in cae Mom doesnt believe you so best to stay out of it
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Don't tell you mom or your dad, at all. It will only complicate things for you if you told. The best option is to just forget what you found out, or if you really think she needs to know get a private detective to follow your dad and let him report the findings to your mom while leaving your name out of it.
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Thnx max for ur help but I already have evidence yesterday I downloaded an application on my dad's phone and now I was listening to the conversation between him and her. What I found out she is a bitch and she only wants my dad's money and she keeps saying nice words to him I think this is a gd. Evidence for that bitch to be busted but I won't tell my mom I think I should tell my uncle he is rly the best for me now
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Thats a good idea, you should go to your uncle first. In fact he may already know is he's you dads brother.
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No he's my mom's little brother but 5 years ago he was also cheating on my mom and my uncle talked to him and showed him his other face at least he saved my dad from talking to that girl the he used to (and I don't think this time she's the same women he used to talk with)

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