Is it my fault that my parents always fight? it goes like this: my mom tells me to do something -> I don't do it because i'm focused on something else -> my mom nags on and on -> my dad start complaining and does something out of anger (today he poured the breakfast my mom made for me away) -> they start arguing and fighting. Mym said it's entirely my fault that this always happens. I don't see why I can't hold something off for just a little bit. I also don't see why my dad just HAD to pour my mom's food away. This is not the only instance. 


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Unless you are acting out in some way and they are fighting over whether to ground or send you to boarding school, I would say no. Most parent fight over other things, like money or their own personal issues.

Editing since you have added to the question.

Whether or not you can not see why you can't put something off a bit, is not the point. You were asked to do something. You do it. Your mom's food wasn't thrown away. YOUR breakfast was thrown away. You didn't do as you were told so you did not earn it. What is there not to get? Life and the world does not revolve about what  you want. You are part of the family and need to do your share. Do it when asked and there is no problem. You have no control of the time frame of things. Your parents do not have to explain the time frame to you.

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Yes, so it seems your disrespect and irresponsible attitude towards your mom's requests to do what  ever it is has caused it to escalate .. On numerous occasions to the point where it causes a rift between your parents .. Even after your Dad has dished out consequences .. You still remain defiant.

When you are asked to do something .. You either acknowledge the task and perhaps negotiate the "when" or you do it right away. Instead you  seem to have the impression that you don't have to listen to your mom OR do what she asks... Big mistake, on your part...clearly. Seems you also don't get the connection between being defiant and it's consequences.

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