What's the meaning of life?


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The most ancient question. The one we ask ourselves when we are lying under the starry sky. When we feel small or lost.

Then again, I'd say the "meaning" of life is different for everybody. As we are not born equal, we also do not have equal aspirations and passions. Some people want to create, others want to connect with a higher power, others want to procrastinate and just have fun.

In my case, I'd say the meaning of life is to exist. The rest is optional.

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As a latter-day-saint (Mormon) I believe the meaning of life is  to draw nearer to Jesus Christ and Heavenly father. To learn all we need to learn to live eternally with God. We are here to learn good from evil, to make the right choices and become more like our Heavenly Father.

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I doubt that an answer can be found but that doesn't mean it isn't worth searching for one.

The meaning of life is, in a sense, Merlin's holy grail.  It's the search that is important, not the accomplishment. It is something that keeps our gaze on the horizon instead of dropping to our feet.

All the religions,  no matter how certain that they, and only they, have the truth, are seeking that meaning and attempting to show it to their adherents. It works to a certain extent, but a cardboard replica from the nickel-and-dime store at your local church, mosque, synagogue or temple, isn't the same as finding the purpose for yourself.

There's a Sufi fable about God giving a crystal to one of his angels. "This crystal contains the truth," he said. "Take it to Earth and give it to the people." On the way the angel was attacked by a demon; they fought and the crystal fell to the ground, splintering into shards. People found a shard and announced, "I have found the truth." In fact, they had found only part of it.

The meaning of life and the quest for the grail are like those shards of crystal. They can give us a glimmer of the underlying reality but there is no way we can see the whole picture.

Frustrating, isn't it?

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Frederick Fisk
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True. Plus, there are many truths. If I say A and you say B and both are right - well I'm sure you know what I mean.
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It's a bit like quantum physics. All those little atoms being here. Or there. Or both. :(
Frederick Fisk
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:( A bit discouraging from where I'm looking at it.

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