I am very fat. My mom and dad always accuse me about it. They say I only eat and sleep. When I talk to them about it they say they also love me, but mostly I'm crying in a closed room because my mom and dad call me fat and other names. What do I do?


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Oh, my. I am so sorry this is happening, NO kid should have to go through that. But also the extra weight is not good for you. Their are many health risks, with being big. What you need to do is lose it. Okay.. Here is some things you can do to shed those pounds.

Drink half your weight in water

Eat Healthy


Walk an extra 60 minutes a day. You can do it! I believe in you! :D

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Have you ever said you don't like their comments or gotten upset in front of them? Its easy for me to tell you what I'd do as an adult NOW, but some kids might not feel comfortable telling their parents that they are making a mistake. Right now, I'd say, Great parenting skills Mom/Dad, those degrading words will surely encourage and inspire me to lose weight right away, and I will most likely remember to belittle your future grandchildren as well since you both role model such great behaviour to copy.

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Tell your mom and dad how hurt it makes you feel when they say these things and ask them to help you with a diet rather than just finding fault.  Perhaps a check up at the doctor to make sure there is no thyroid or metabolism problem.

Name calling is NOT OK even if they try to put it right by telling you they love you, perhaps you could talk to another adult family member if this continues you should not have to be in your room crying about this.  Be straight up with them say "it hurts me when you say that, why are you trying to hurt me" when they call you names.  Keep telling them it hurts you they need to hear what their name calling is doing to you.

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