My mom was crying and was talking with my dad and I overheard them talking about how we're being for closed on and talked about my dad being layed off. I asked them but they wouldn't tell me, what does this mean?


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Sorry Sophia, but that means they are looking out for your best interests and will find the right time to tell you.

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Closed means Foreclosure and Layed off means fired meaning he lost his job.
It also means study hard and take good care of them when you grow up.

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Sophia, you are sweet to be concerned for your parents but everyone is right. It is your parents job to handle this and the worry should not be on you. Be sure to give your parents lots of love and help them out around the house with out them asking you (like do the dishes, take out the trash, keep up on your room, etc.) ask if you can help with dinner. It will relieve some of the stress your parents are under. Let me give you a little encouragement...... My husband and I have hit a rough time again just recently. It happens in this day and age often. Things always find a way of working out even if you have to go to an apartment for a while. Hang in there and be strong and helpful to your parents. They love you and always will. You will get through this. :0)

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Sophia Amoretto
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My teacher said that the police could take me away from my parents is that true?
Yin And Yang
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Tiger, I appreciate it for sure. :0)
If you can, do you mind getting my email from Kaesie some time?
Yin And Yang
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Sophia, as shocking of news as it is, there are still options for them. Please stop worrying and your teacher needs to be quiet! Seriously. Please don't talk to that teacher any more. Find someone better to trust.
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It means you should work hard in school and make your parents proud.

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Sophia Amoretto
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What's the definition because it doesn't show it in the dictionary
DDX Project
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Well since other people are already telling you.

Foreclosure is when the bank takes back the house because you're unable to pay your mortgage, or the loan you took from the bank in order to buy a house.

Lay-off means you were let go from your job. Different from being fired, since you're only fired if you did something wrong. Lay-offs happens for other reasons such as a company down-sizing or your dad's particular position is no longer needed.

Don't be scared, these things happen to a lot of people and they make it through. But do know that these problems are extremely avoidable with proper planning and being responsible.

So work hard in school, make plans financially, and learn from your parents obstacles.
Sophia Amoretto
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Thank you

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