My mom has been asking me so many questions about how I would feel if my parents divorced. and she always tells me and my siblings to go somewhere with my dad so she could be alone. Is it possible that they could be getting a divorce?


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Anything's possible, including that.

My mother spent my entire childhood threatening to do all manner of unthinkable things, ranging from self-termination, to leaving home, to putting my brother and me into a home for troubled children. She never did any of those things. She simply couldn't cope and wallowed in self-pity.

Perhaps your mother is simply doing that -- crying out for attention, or help. Perhaps she means it and she's trying to prepare you for her departure.

From the nature of your question, though, it sounds as though she's just venting. Don't worry about it. It may never happen.

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Your mom is having a hard time right now . It's not easy being a mother and a wife. Tell her how you feel about divorce when she asks you. Tell her the truth,  then ask her what can everyone do to help her feel better. Tell her you love her and tell her you need her. Write her a letter if you think that will be better. Put it on her pillow on her bed in an envelope . Tell her how much she means to you and the family. Ask your dad what everyone can do to help her feel better. Try not to worry,  but it is very good you asked for advice. I know it's hard to concentrate when your mom doesn't seem happy but do your best in school and around the house. Try your best not to worry .

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Why not simply ask her or your father? Also if she is trying to get time alone she may be suffering from depression. Ask her how she is feeling. Also talk to your dad about it when your mom gets you to spend time with him.

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I did ask and she stayed silent for the longest time and just said "just know we will always be a family no matter what, okay?"

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