My dad just died, my mom used to say how bad of a person he was and she lied. He thought about me everyday and i never once thought about him.. its killing me. What should i do?


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Well, not really much you can do but hold on to him in your heart ! They always live on in your heart. Forgive your Mom because there must have been some bitterness between them and it's all over now. She was just trying to protect you in her own way. But you know inside how things really were. Don't let that eat at you like poison. Move on with life and keep your Dad in your heart forever and there he lives. Time to let the bad go and live your life in peace.

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Aww Autumn, hi sweetheart. Please don't feel guilty about this. The truth was kept from you. Your dad knows this now, and I guarantee he wouldn't want you to feel bad about yourself. No parent wants their child to feel bad. You might talk to your mom, find out why she did what she did and tell her how you feel about it. Just keep being the good person you are and honor your dad in that are definitely Awesome...Autumn!

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My father died 28 days after my son was born. It was heart-wrenching since he had been estranged from me for many years. He didn't care for the man I dated and then married because he was of a different race. I never got the chance to speak to him before he suddenly died.

The funeral sucked because we kids (5 of us) didn't get the ceremony that we asked for. It was very impersonal.

So, I talked to my pastor several months later, and he agreed to have the choir sing my dad's favorite song in one of their Sunday services. That alone made me feel better because the song was "How Great Thou Art" and when it's done well, the music just soars to the ceiling. Very powerful.

One day, you will have a chance to do something for you - you will find a way to honor your dad and in a way that will give you peace. You're grieving and you're hurting now and no one is helping you.

Funeral homes hold sessions for the grieving so if you need to talk to someone, reach out. Fear not, this is not the last chapter for your dad.

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I'm going to thank you for the great answer, Autumn is a great kid who will appreciate your answer when she's able to come back online.
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Thank you, Angela. I appreciate your thoughts. I wish others were as respectful as you are.
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You're welcome. That's what we are trying to do here, have a nice respectful and fun site!

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