So I asked a my guy friend to the movies, he paid for everything and I thought it was a date, but he never texts me first and he hasn't texted about a second date. Should I text him, does it sound like he even likes me?


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You're overthinking this .....he likes you and maybe he just isn't into texting . You have the power cos you're the girl and girls are awesome  ;) but if you start over thinking you lose that power ... Just saying ;)

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Sapphire  Ocean
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Thanks! I'm just worried because we've been friends for so long but he never texts me first. So I would feel weird asking him out on a second date when I already asked about the first one. :/
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You asked  him out and he  paid? If that isn't a sign he likes you I don't know what is. I mean, since you asked you should have at least paid for yourself. And I hope you said thank you.

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I did, I tried to stop him, he wouldn't even let me pay for snacks. But if you care about someone wouldn't you put in the effort to at least text them? I really appreciate your input btw! :)
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Carly Rae Jepsen would say that he "really really really really really really " likes you and I agree with her, he might be a bit shy so take on the lead,  hang out with him without making it look like a  date. But really dont overthink it , he clearly enjoys your company so carpe diem girl , seize the day :))

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These people are right! He's probably a more face-to-face guy, so just go ahead and organise another date! Good on you.

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