So the guy I like texts me for hours at a time. He's engaging, answers right away and keeps the conversation going. He has even told me it was nice talking w/ me. But he's really shy so I need to initiate texting. Could he be interested in me?


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yes he loves you !!!! Or he's bored and engaging you in text to pass time .... Or he definitely loves you !!! Or I have no idea so ask him !!! I'm a  helpful beeach ! Or I'm just bored too ;)

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See first of all, 1000s of guys will tell you " nice talking to you" and even girls too, that doesn't mean they're somewhat into you. That is a common statement.many people like myself try to continue the conversations but that doesn't mean I like that person. The things your telling a require common as shy guys don't normally talk girl and when they do , anything they do seems so special which might get you intoh inking if he likes you or not. I'd suggest you to wait a bit longer for some better signs and then make a decision. I'm here if you need any help!!

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Thank you so much! There's more, but I can only make my question so long lol. I went to the movies with him, he paid for everything, even offered to get me better popcorn if I didn't like it. Our parents are friends too so his mom told my mom that he asked her for extra money ahead of time so he could pay for me (we are both only in high school.) We also went camping together a few weeks ago and when he found out I was coming he showered and put on axe. But since the movies he hasn't asked me to do anything with him, even though I've expressed interest... I know he's really shy because that's why his ex gf broke up with him... Unfortunately his mother likes to gossip with mine and my mom just tells me everything. So I really hope you don't mind me taking you up on your offer to help...
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