Is Being A Transexual Bad?


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No, it is not a bad thing to be a transsexual. There are some very closed minded people who don't agree with anyone who doesn't fit into their narrowly defined gender role expectations. How truly unfortunate that discrimination against transgendered people continues to exist. The good news is that many changes are taking place which help to protect the rights of transgendered people. Its getting better all the time, but it has not been easy. Any rights that have been won were not given freely. It has been a long and difficult struggle indeed.
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No its not being bad at all. Its what people want if they are not happy being what they are.
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Yes bc it is not want God wanted you to be if  you were born a man you  stay a man bc i was born a women now i man and its not what God wanted and now im being punished for it so dont be stupid like me
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It is an unfortunate thing but not a "bad" thing. Gender reassignment can not ever be easy. It takes courage to take that kind of action. If I was born with a man's body and still was who I am, I would have it done. If you think of it that way, maybe it is easier to understand and be more compassionate. Some people have been born hermaphrodites. What should they do? Usually a sex is assigned to them by a doctor at their birth and they are stuck with that choice.
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It definitely is not a bad thing being transexual.  Being transgendered I know life would be easier if I wasn't ... But I am and I just deal with it like most of us do.  It just makes sense if on birth you were identified on your birth certificate as being male/female and you feel the opposite, that you can't be the person you think and feel you are.  But it takes some spine and also it helps if you have support from family and friends as well.
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I think people have the right to be whatever they want to be as long as it does not hurt anyone. That is why we live in the United States to be free. Take care.
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I use to think so until I became more, unless my god can explain to me why it would be bad & I haven been enlightened yet
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Not at all, they are who they are, and I am happy for them if they are happy.

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