So I went to the movies with a guy friend, he paid for everything, held the door and eye contact. But he never texts me first, when I text him though he always answers right away. I know he's a bit shy, but does it sound like he likes me?


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Jaimie  JT Profile
Jaimie JT answered

Yes.... He luvs you and wants to hug you and wants to squeeze you ....and wants to pet you ... And call you George .

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Nicole Ashley answered

Defientely :) my boyfriend still doesn't ever text me first and we've been dating for two years. He doesn't like phones, even quit for a year using his phone. But I'm saying he believes in face to face conversations because you know the emotion behind what their saying. A text could be read a million different ways. Maybe he is like my bf and believes in that as well :)

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