Should I Go To The Same Uni As My Boyfriend?


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If you in love how is it not serious? If you love some one you should do what you can to be with them even if you don't go to the same "uni" you could go visit once or twice a week. If you love each other distance wont stop that.
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Louise Joy
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I mean, its not serious in the sense that were gonna settle down etc etc im only young. I live in Luton and he lives in Sunderland, thats over 5 hours away by car. He's home at xmas and summer etc but the distance has made it too hard, we cant manage three years like that. I've already spent 30 pound going to see him for the week.
Since im choosing my Uni courses currently, it makes sense to go to the same one as him, not just because he goes there.
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So you dont plan to marry him after collage? The word love caries a heavier meaning to some i guess. I love my girlfriend and i do want to marry her. I do want to go to collage or most of it before i do marry her.

Collage will definatly give you an edge in life you will be able to get a good job and make more money but no matter how smart you are how great a job you have if you lose the one you love to gain that you will regret it. In the end love means more than anything. So to me the choice would be go to the same university as him . If they dont offer your major try to go to one near it but the distance wont stop true love. 3 years compared to 70+.
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From the same user who answered the Q, additionally, it's very hard being away for him and I am currently starting my Uni applications and feel I am making the right choice by going to the same Uni as him, not because he's there but because I visited him for a week up there and loved the environment, and because of the course. I'm not basing my decision on the fact that he's there, though many people see it like that. I'm worried that if by going, we later split up, I will regret going to the Uni. But I know if I don't go we will end up splitting up anyway because the distance is just too hard.
I don't want to make things more serious as they are, and I feel that by going to his Uni is doing that.
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This is where open communication should play a role. You have to do what you know is right for yourself first and if it works out that you and he can be together there then it is a win, win deal. If you both are not communicating and can't talk through it, it is already time to move on, thus why you need to take care of yourself first.
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Yes, I see what your saying. Were very much happy right now, we argue sometimes but its toned down a lot, its just the distance making it hard. We've talked about it loads, he wants me to come but not just because of him being there.
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I think you should go there n be with him. That's what i would've done in your case if you can move there even if it's gonna be hard and you're sure of him and his feelings and of course you're absolutely sure of your feelings towards him i really think you should go n join him, seeing that that uni has the perfect course for you then there you go! You're together to support each other and you taking your course..
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Thanks a lot. Its a huge step, I've pretty much got my heart set on going, just a bit worried about if its the wrong choice or not! Hehe
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Good luck wit ur choice Louiseey =)

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