My Boyfriend Is Going On Vacation, What Should I Do?


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My bf is on vacation for 2 weeks and I miss him soooo much. To take my mind off him, I write quotes I like in a book or take a bike ride. I rode to the park me and him ride to and I sat down and watched the clouds. Sure it seems lonely, but it gave me time to relax and think bout things I never really thought about.
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It's okay to miss him but don't be upset with him that he has to go with his family.  My  boyfriend went to texas for a week and I missed him like crazy.  When he came back I found out that he had me on his mind the whole time he was away.  Maybe when he gets back you guys can plan a date with eachother  
don't worry he will be thinking of you  ^_^
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Ugh I know my bf is going on a cruise for a week and I really miss him and I'm sort of jealous because I have never been on a cruise. I can't even call him or anything this is really annoying I should be having fun its spring break but I can't stop thinking of him and how much more fun hes probably having then I am:(
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You lived without him before you found him, so I think you can live without him while he's on vacation. He will be back before you know it.
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Well my boyfriend is gone on a vacation with his friends for a week , what should I do to make it go faster
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My bf is going away for 3 weeks tomorrow ;(
don't know what I'm going to do....I feel your pain
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My boyfriend is going away also, and I feel that if you do something that is fun and keeps your mind off him, that the time will pass faster

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