How Do I Become More Attracted To My Boyfriend?


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I have been in the same situation. Its natural to have attraction for other guys and you'll just learn to be okay with finding other men attractive but staying with your main man.

Start looking for things you find sexy on/about him and complement him

Spend less time together!  Hang out with guy friends you trust with other people that aren't him

Refrain from having sex for long periods of time- after a month of abstaining, the next time you do the deed it will be like the first time!

Be honest with him, communication is so important!
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This is normal and is called playing the field before settling down with one person. All part of growing up so best to do what your gut tells you or you'll regret it later
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Find interest in what he does. Do things that he likes. Talk to him about it... If you really care about your relationship and you feel that it is going to go somewhere in the future then you should talk about everything.
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Well that is bad. If you care enough about your relationship you wont do it. If not just leave him cause really....he aint worth it to you. You are just going to end up breaking his heart. If your not attracted to your boyfriend.... Maybe its you maybe its him. 2 years...I been in a relationship longer and sexually.... I know it can get kinda the same old at times. So just try something spontanious. But the truth is. After being with a man for two years. Its not all about sex anymore. But you it is always important. If you love him than I wouldnt even think about it. Don't let yourself think that your misin out. Because this is something you will never ever be able to take back. If you did end up doing this even if you and your boyfriend get back togethr or stay together. It will never be the same again. Think about it. Is he worth it?

But to answer your question. Just keep tryin new things. You take charge.
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Thanks! I do think about if its worth leaving him, bc I dont know if I could get him back or if he would want me back.

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