How Do I Get My Boyfriend To Respect Me More?


3 Answers

anurag30 Chandrakar Profile
See you please under stand that you cannot force anyone to respect .It is the only feelings that matters .D o not expect more from any one either your friend or any one. Give respect to your self and your feelings first.
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Anonymous answered
Respect should be given  to "all" regardless whether your in a relationship or not with someone....If this dork doesnt respect you now pack it up and move on.....He isn't going to change and you will regret it later.....
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Robyn Clark answered
If a man doesn't respect you now then he won't in the future. How long have you been with him? If it's just short time then you shouldn't  have to make him to respect you. Just leave him. If you don't have respect for yourself then you won't gain none from anyone else.

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