How Can I Get My Boyfriend To Marry Me?


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The question is " Is your boyfriend serious enough to want to marry you" or " Is he over the trauma of an unsuccessful marriage"? You know that he just divorced and even though you guys have been dating for a pretty long time, that does not mean that he would want to marry you after what he has been through in his old marriage. What you can do is give him some time and space. Discuss with him what are his future plans and what you want for the both of you. And then he might decide to get married again.
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Tell him "I want to get married, do you?" :D:D that is if you're sure about him and his feelings..tell him you're ready and have been waiting for long..ask him if he's straight-forward..take the courage n ask's the only way..
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Just give him some time and lots of love...
Don't ever make the same mistakes his ex wife used to do which made him unhappy just be hassle free...
Very friendly and behave more like a mate other than a typical gf...
And he will be all yours forever...
Don't give up...
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Well don't rush him thats usually why marriages don't usually work. Like my mom us to always say Brides cry at the alter Grooms cry after the wedding XD.
If you push him into asking he will marry to soon and will be a very unhappy man.
Hope I helped :P
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I say you should definitely take your me, you don't want to rush and end up divorced or unhappy in your marriage.
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My feeling on this is that he is still scared from the last relationship. He probably loves you very much and doesn't want to let you down, but he could be concerned about repeating the same scenario again.

I would not push him, but I found a great article that talks about the importance of showing him that you will be stable for him. Getting your boyfriend to marry you..

The more you push the more he will pull away though. The more you are eager acting the more fear and anxiety this will create. If anything, he needs someone who is relaxed with him after having gone through so much stress. You may even be able to talk openly about this with him, but be careful - some guys keep their true thoughts hidden away.

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