How Can I Afford To Get Married?


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Weddings don't have to be expensive. You can get a new dress at places like david's bridal for about 100 buck or you can get a used dress from local shops for less than that. You can also find great deals on the internet for decorations and things. You can get invitations at places like wal-mart and office max and print them up your self. Just be care full when picking this kind because you have to remember to add in the cost of the ink. Look in the clerance sections at wal-mart and you can sometimes find real treasures there for cheap. I got a box of save the date magnets for 5 buck and it had 50 in the box. Also consider using fake flowers instead of real ones. Places like hobby lobby have their flowers on sale at least once a month. Start early and buy a few things at a time so it does not hurt your pocket book by spending it all at once. Just remember the wedding is about your love for one another and the commitment you are making and not the event itself!
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Good question. First you need to determine if you are ready for marriage. It is good to have a plan but first you need to figure out if you are in love and that you are ready to commit full time to this other person. Do you think that you will be happy with this person? Are you struggling in finances (maybe debt , other)
is that person struggling as well with some sort of money problems? Do you think that marrying that person that both of you all's money problems will get worse( if that is the case). Once you have determined what is stopping you from being able to get married then I know you will be more prepared and focused to deal with the situation; making the best choices for you and the significant other. Review over your finances.
Make that a priority to work on . By: Consumer who wishes you both the best of luck and happiness.
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OK if you want your weeding to be the best its better to wait a while. You should earn money so it wont be a big hit on both of you and if you want to get married immediately well make it simple nice but simple anyways what counts is that you guys live happy :)
hope you guys live as happy as possible together !! Good luck

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I got married in reno, its only $63 to $83 and its actually adorable and fits people budget, I'm saving for a big wedding, its okay to have a little one at first.

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