Are you an open-minded person?


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Through education and years of experience I have learned to approach every situation with an open mind to be fair to all. Sometimes, some situations didn't take long to close it unfortunately, but Ive always given everyone I approach the benefit of the doubt til I could prove otherwise when I was a Federal Officer

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YES I definitely am and my answer is not a biased one!  I have had many people throughout my life tell me that I'm one of the open-minded people they know.  I will engage with anyone - no matter what your background - and be open to listening to what they have to say.  I always try not to be biased or judge as the only one who really knows what it's like to be that person - is them. 

I am however deterred by closed-minded types.  In my perfect world (yes I know I'm dreaming here!) everyone would be more open minded and willing to hear things out rather than form negative opinions based on pre-conceived notions.

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Yo Kass
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Interesting answer! What do you think made you open-minded in the first place? Was it your up-bringing or personal experiences? Or are some people born with a more open nature to their personality ?
Crystal B.  Astrology
I think it's a combination of all three actually ;-) Both of my parents are very open-minded and my Dad definitely sways to being more of the eccentric type (he is an astrologer after all!). SO being raised in an open environment is definitely part of it. I tend to be the odd one out in most circumstances so my personal experiences always help me to think about everyone's side - whether it's the popular one or not. BUT my nature is an open one and I was born like that. My astrology chart is composed of a ton of Pisces planets and that sign is one of the most open as well as empathetic to others. So I actually have astrological proof of what I'm preaching ;-)
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Lily Bradic answered

I try to be as open-minded as possible, and I think I am, compared to a lot of people.

Your upbringing, culture, mindset and education all have an impact on how open- or close-minded you are. I think anybody can be open-minded, if they care enough to try.

What I Think Has Made Me Open-Minded

  • The way my mother brought me up — letting me make my own mind up about religion, politics, etc.
  • Having been regarded as "different" so often in my life (as a foreigner in France, and as an intelligent, oddball bookworm at school)
  • Having experienced different cultures (living in France and in several very different places in England)
  • The internet — I know it sounds odd, but just think how much you get exposed to online, and how much you learn about people and things you would normally be dismissive of
  • The fact that  I think it's important to be open-minded

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Not to the point that my brains fall out!

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