What Are The Procedures For Getting Married At A City Hall?


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Getting married at City Hall, or the Registry Office, as it is called in the Uk, involves applying for a licence to marry in advance, normally a few months before, when an available time will be allocated to use, and a marriage officer available too, as he or she will perform the marriage, once the licence is approved.

The application is made via a form which is completed by both people in the marriage, including their ID cards or birth certificates. Checks will be made as to any previous marriages, and the current marital status of the applicants. If the divorce from the previous marriage is not yet registered, a new marriage cannot be applied for.

After all the checks, if everything is in order, a fee is paid, the marriage ceremony takes place, lasting about 5 to ten minutes to make the commitments and sign, and then the marriage is formally registed by the registrar of births deaths and marriages, and a certificate issued to the couple.

These marriages are increasingly popular, as they involve no conflicts about the format or religion of the ceremony. Everyone gets the same treatment.
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In many locations in the USA you merely have to walk in state your desire to get married, show proof of identity, any divorce decrees, perhaps sign a letter attesting to the fact that you are free and legal to marry, and then pay the proper fees.  A quick ceremony will usually be just stating your desire to marry each other and the clerk then declaring that you are legally wed.  You will then sign some paperwork and get your marriage certificate.  It can be done in less than 30 minutes in many cases.

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