If I get married in city hall without getting married in a church. Is it a sin?


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I'm no expert in theology, and what your conscience says is probably the most important thing to consider, but I know of nowhere in the Bible that says specifically where a marriage ceremony should take place.  A marriage is just that:  A marriage, where two people officially commit to each other to foster a monogamous relationship.  Where the marriage event takes place, in my opinion, is irrelevant...but just stay true to your conscience.
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Aw now you got me going! I'll be brief...there were no church buildings in early christianity...christians met in homes. Churches weren't being built until the 300's AD...also, here's an interesting webpage...http://www.pibweddings.com/traditionsorigins.html
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You don't HAVE TO get married in Church, it isn't a sin.
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NO HUNNY. It Is Not A Sin.
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No, if you are married, you are married. I was married in a civil building, by the right people started to be there, and I am a Christian
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You could get married by the ocean and it would not be a sin. It is only a ceremony but some might disagree with me.
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No marriage is a wonderful thing no matter where you get married.

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