I Am An Indian Male Working In Qatar Interested In Getting Married To A Filipino Girl, Can You Advise What Is The Procedure For Getting Married?


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Well, to start with, I think it is very unfair to mark all Filipino females as whores and gold diggers..

Hasina11 and GV6092, as I read your profiles and your comments in other questions it is evident that you are bitter towards Filipinas because your husband left you and your children for a younger, more beautiful Filipina girl.. That is your personal problem and do not hate the world for it.. Maybe you were not that attentive to your husbands' needs. Well, am I saying that what your husband did was right? Of course not, am I saying that the Filipina who "stole" your husband is right? Definitely not,.. But do not generalize have to weigh that your husband was wrong too.. It takes 2 to tango

Arab men, in the eyes of the world are seen as sex maniacs and terrorists.. Is it fair for me to say that all Arab men are such? Of course not..

I'm so sorry anon but here is my answer for you. Well, I think the best way to answer your question, anon is you have to go to the Philippine embassy.. Filipinos are very open to interracial marriages and if you really love your girl, do not listen to these jerks who posted their prejudices..

I know a lot of Indians who got married to Filipinos and they have a very successful relationship, it just so happened that the Filipino ladies that these two gals here know of in the middle east are not the good ones.

Good luck!

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My dear lady first of all i am not married and this is the fact what i have written it is true. I have seen many philippini females with less salary and they want to live in luxury. There was one more guy who got married to philippini. Back house his wife and children staying. After his death this female claims for his entire property. This is the cheapest way, to hook someone and enjoy with 2 + 1...ha ha ha
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Everyone knows about you people so less talk is better
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I am an Indian male. Really very good answer. I appreciate. All Filipinos not like this.
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Philippino female.  I think you are finished.  She will take all your money and bring you on the road, I think you should think seriously.  I know one of my friend who left his family.  These females are only here to make money.
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Hey ladies, what is the problem with you.  Why you are spoiling philippinas name. There is one middle aged indian guy who is in love with me.  I told him to go back to his wife but he does not want to go.He says the taste I  gave him he just can't forget.  Keeps spending all his salary on me. I am here to make money.He cooks food for me, takes me out in big hotels, expensive clothing, everything free plus money. I am just enjoying "only say I love you" at every second and make love. Who knows how long it will stay but in the mean time I will look someone better young and handsome guy ofcourse who has plenty of money. Since last one year it is going on fine.  When his wife was fighting with him I used to love him.   Poor wife. Did not have patience.
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My friendly advice  to you ( man in love) is that you better coordinate with the philippine embassy to understand the proper documentation on how to get marry a Filipina. Better still consult your own embassy on this matter.

My impression is that as if people here have lots of prejudices towards Filipina...if you're not local what are you or your parent doing here? Tourist?  Or like anybody else trying to exploit the fruits of Qatar economic prosperity or gain suitable employment just to temporarily escape from the extreme poverty that you have been experiencing in your native land due to dwindling opportunities back home?

People from all walks of life wants to come here in GCC, specially to Dubai before the economic downturn for one sole purpose and that is to earn a living. Your culture may be different from us; we don't force our children to marry somebody else whom they don't love or trade our beloved daughter/son for a huge amount of money at the expense of marriage . Filipina /Filipinos is open to marry anybody they want as long as they love or like each other. It is the kind of freedom we enjoy which is absent in other culture.

We are living in a 21st century; a globalized world, let us try to understand multi-cultural diversity and learn to live symbiotically with some not of your own kind. STOP prejudices and LET  peace and HARMONY reins in our society.

IN YOUR OWN SIMPLE WAYS you CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE to transform this world by trying to widen your understanding.
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I am agree with hasina.  I know a young philippini female who came to qatar in 2006.  Back home she has two children. She hooked a manager who is more than 50 years old.  Last one and half years she was having a relationship with him.  Very bold and shameless female.  Thru the manager she brought her brother for the employment.  The manger is moving to another country. I heard she has gone to manila to make a fake agreement marriage certificate so that she can stay with him as his wife.  Manger left his wife and the child.  Very sad story.  I wish the Qatar Govt. Takes some action about these females.

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