What Do You Do If You Really Don't Like Yourself?


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Change until you're satisfied.
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Idk but i lik myself coz i made me who i am =)
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JACKYL!!! PLEASE!!  I Didn't Like Myself For A Long While So I Reinvented Myself.. I Got A Nice Haircut..  Got Me Some Tattoos,. Colored My Hair.. Bought Me Some Mariah Carey Perfume.   Surround Yourself With People You Admire And Ask Them For Advice. If You Learn To Like Yourself People Will Like You Right Back. Don't Take Yourself So Serious. No One Is Perfect. I'm No Where Near Perfect.. Imagine That You Are a Princess And  You Deserve Admiration And Respect. I'm Pretty Sure That Everyone Has SOMETHING About Them self That They Are Not Completely Happy With.. Deal With That By Improving On Things You Are Good At Or  Change Things You Don't Like.. I Never Really Liked My Hair Color  Always Complained About It. I Decided One Day To Turn My Hair  A Golden Blonde.. It's Been That Way For Over 8 Years Now
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You look at yourself in the mirror and know that millions of people are no where as lucky as you. You listen to music. You realize the truth. You do work, help the world, revolutionize, because you are a bigger picture than how people look at you. Your beauty comes from your eternal self. Live.
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I practice self flagellation some times to the point of incapacitation.
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I don't really like myself cuz I'm so crazy and hyper and everything... But I don't do anything. :P
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But you are the person who has recognized your weekness. Which is very difficult to every person.
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I haven't met anybody who was 100% satisfied with themselves, but they all were happy at the same time.
I suppose it depends what specifically wasn't liked that would determine what could be done to resolve the issue.
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We humans are all works of art in progress.  We will be changing until the day we die.  If you are speaking of a personality flaw in particular, make a promise to yourself that you will work on changing that flaw.  For instance:  If you feel you gossip too much or put other people down too much, that is a flaw in your personality that you can change for the better.  It is within you to do so.  Your appearance is strictly superficial and really does not speak about who you are.  To  feel proud of yourself, you must do something to feel proud of.  Feelings follow actions, good or bad.  Help someone without being asked.  Do a good deed and don't tell anyone (hold it secretly in your mind and heart and it will only grow in value).  Don't worry about anyone else thinks of you.  If you value yourself and work to be a good person, everyone will see and know, you won't have to worry about convincing anyone.  Best of all - if you go to bed at night knowing that you were the best person you could have been all day, you will sleep well and you really will like yourself.
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That I wouldn't really know. You see I love myself perhaps too much, but that's beside the point.
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I would just change my look to be better or i would just leave. Why the heck should i be bothered?

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