How Do You Know If You Really Like Somebody That You Think You Like?


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Most people find out how much they love someone only when they loose them. Isolate yourself from this person and see how much you miss this person then you will truly know. Create an absence from this person but not an absence that would hurt this person and cause them to envy you. Make it seem extremely unintentional. Isolating yourself from this person will make you realize how much you miss this person. The power of absence will also increase your power because you are not redundant and readily available and also this person will miss you greatly and give you more power.
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The point when your heart skips a beat when they hug you. If you try to talk to them every time you see them. Like what worked to get me closer to the guy I like was just being nice and saying good morning in the morning when I saw him, well he started calling me his sweetheart and we started talking more and more. But now were in diffent college's this year and I don't get to see him.
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Well for me when I like someone it feels as much like that I love this person I get obssed and I think I'm allways in love. I usally dream of this person for a night or two and then I get all goosey bummpy when I walk by them.
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There is only one way to find out and that is to have a casual relationship with him. If you have any good friends who know him that can be useful too, but it's best to judge him for yourself.
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When they talk to you and you don't know what to say at all,you can do is smile or you can talk to them about anything else...and your heart feels like it skips a beat when they hug you or talk to you.
DARIAN LEE answered
It's called a gut feeling. Does your palms sweat when you are near them? Do you get butterflies when you hear their name? There are lots of answeres to this question.
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Why is everyone obsessed with the euphoric feeling which is bound to eventually pass? You can't skip a beat everytime you see a person... Love is a commitment... Which in this case I suppose like is a will... I'd say of commitment, communication and compatibility the first and foremost is the most important..

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