Why do boys think its alright to go out with two girls at the same time like?


8 Answers

Anna Bann Profile
Anna Bann answered
They assimilate girls with power .
Jessica Vallery Profile
Jessica Vallery answered
Because some guys have the minds of animals
Diane Ryan Profile
Diane Ryan answered
Because they haven't been caught or had their heart broken yet. Don't worry both eventually happen.
Huhana Mahaki Profile
Huhana Mahaki answered
There not good guys, one day those girl will really know how much of dogs they are. Then they will end up with a girl that is exactly like them 'what goes around comes around'.
Meta Forrest Profile
Meta Forrest answered
Because they like to play the field , and don't want to commit to any one girl when they are still young .  It's more natural for girls to want to be faithful to just one boy, although there is allways an exeption to the rule .

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