Is It Bad To Have Two Girlfriends? If Yes, Why?


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Conventionally, having two girlfriends is not acceptable. Although certain religions and belief systems may condone polygamy (having multiple wives), you'd be hard-pressed to find any group that supports the idea of dating two girls at the same time.

Having two girlfriends- why it's a bad idea

Essentially, whether having two girlfriends is right or wrong will come down to what you and the girls involved want from a relationship.

If all three of you are only interested in a casual relationship, then I can't see how any harm can come from dating two girls.

If, on the other hand, the girls are unaware of each other or are unaware that you are dating other women at the same time, the reasons why this is a bad idea are as follows:

  • It is disrespectful
  • The situation is likely to cause anger and resentment
  • Jealousy issues will arise
  • You will be unable to pay each girl as much attention as they need individually, resulting in two poor relationships rather than one fulfilling one.
  • There is a higher risk of sexually transmitted infection if you are regularly sleeping with more than one partner
  • There is a greater chance of having an unwanted pregnancy

Why having two girlfriends is a good idea Despite all the social and moral qualms that might be the basis for objections, there are those who argue that having two girlfriends is a great idea!

I agree that having two love-interests means you're less likely to get bored by spending your time with just one woman. It also means that sex is likely to be more abundant.

If that sounds like a situation you'd be happy with, and if you're confident no-one will get hurt along the way, then I guess having two girlfriends might not be all that bad.
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Depends on how far you go. If you're dating two girls just by casually hanging out with them, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, if you're kissing and making out, then yes, you have crossed the boundaries of cheating.

There is nothing wrong with kissing and spending quality time; but keep in mind, doing so to two girls is considered inappropriate.

Long answer short, think LONG TERM. One may give you fun day and night, but pick and keep the one who will be your best friend.
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Having two girlfriends at the same time is bad, because it is cheating, and that would mean cheating on both of them with each other.
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I just got out of a relationship with 2 girls and I knew I had to break up with one of them so the other one wouldn't find out but in the end they found out about each other. It's really not worth it. If you love someone truly you won't want to divide your love for them with someone else.

I messed up big time and I can never take it back. It bothers me everyday to know that I hurt those girls like I did. So don't mess up like me and end up lonely and broken-hearted.
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Am currently in a relationship where the guy has another girlfriend. We both know about each other, but this does not stop either of us from being jealous over him.

Taking turns is a selfish act, and the only person benefiting from this horror story is the guy who is getting unlimited love from 2 women who have not yet found themselves.

Hence, I ended the relationship based on these factors:

  • She was with him first, so the main fact that he deceided to date me for 2 years meant that something was missing in his relationship with her
  • People venture out of their present relationship because they think it fun to be with another woman- guys can be a stud but a female under these same situation would be considered a tramp.
  • People's fear of being alone- don't want to start over.

Power struggle that pit women against women who can win him over. MY advise on this, don't do it, because only one person going to get hurt, you...
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Sometimes I also wonder why I can't have two boyfriends?

In some religions like Islam, men can have up to 4 wives by law. So I guess that having two girlfriends is not necessary a bad thing.

The problem is can you treat them equally or make both of them happy? I think it's difficult to do that because, if you truly love someone, you want 100 percent from the other party. If you can't do this, then just have one girlfriend.
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I feel that you should only have one gurlfriend no one wants to share their partner i know i dont and plus the bond between u wouldnt be the same think about it and do the right of luck
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I don't think it is bad to have two girlfriends.  Especially if the girlfriends consider themselves partners as well...then that is a great sense of relationship building.  Too many spouses try to control the other spouse, and use the selfish forms of jealousy in the emotional side of friendship. 

If you truly love another person, then you should only build, and not destroy the bonds that are built.  If you love something, then you have to give it freedom to express themselves. If she returns to you, then you know that you have the true building-blocks of a loving relationship. And there is never too much love to go around. 

It is just not something that people can express 100% because of all the barriers the outside world build, and the self-inflicted barriers as well.
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One person should be more than enough for a man to handle.Why have two when you can be happy with one? If you had two women, that's double the anger, double the stress, double the drama - and, yes, double the money.

I guess it could go both ways,but all in all if one is not enough for you than I agree with the others..maybe Islam is the place for you.
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Of course, it's bad. Because if they both find out you're cheating, they'll both hate you, and then feel heartbroken. They'll think of you as a player, and a bad guy after that. But if they both approve of it, then for sure. But, yes. It's bad to have two girlfriends.

If you love someone, then you'll be in a relationship with that one person. It's impossible to love two people, at the same time. It just isn't right.
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It is bad and good because I used to have 3 at once but they eventually found out so I'm lonely now, but it depends on what type of person you are dating.
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Yeap, bad idea to have two of them. You should only handle only one of them. But the question is "Is it ok for them to share one of you." Unless you are from Islam (as lovelyme said). Then you need two more girls ha ha..

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