What Can I Talk To My Girlfriend About On The Phone?


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You can talk about something she's interested can even use what goes around you and your environment  and use it to start a conversation and before you know it the talk will keep rolling. Also you can get to know some of her best friends,school and son so that whenever you called you can be asking after those things when you notice that silence is around to dominant the conversation.

EMILY SEN answered
Well dear I do understand that people do get speechless when they are in love but you can't just stay dumb rite .Hence go out for a date with your girlfriend and then share with her about your family about your life as to what you like and what you dislike so that she knows more about you and she feels more confident regarding you day by day and she should feel that she is secured when you are around her so dear if you think deeply then there are loads of things you both can talk about so even you can go ahead and ask her different things that will also help you in knowing about her more .
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Me & my b/f talk about current events, how much we love each other, video games, anime, getting a place together, music, stuff we found on the Internet, people we know & what they've done, trips we want to take, things we want to do, hypethetical situations (ei what would you do with a million dollars, what if you found out you had more siblings than you thought you did etc...)  we talk a lot, we rarely have a quiet moment. You should talk about EVERYTHING thats one of the best ways to get to know a person.
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Usually ask her how her life has been you know CARE help her with her problems talk about her how she is beautiful and usually that works
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Ask her what hobbies she likes, and if she's a talkative type of person, you two will start talking like you've known each other forever. If she is shy, it is you who is going to have to be brave. Ask her anything, like her hobbies, who her favourite actors are, and favourite movies. And while on the topic of movies, ask her maybe if she wants to go out with you?? Maybe to the...movies???
Your choice. Good luck!
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Talk about something you both like. Talk about the weather. Sports, people you know, celebrities
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Dude I got the same problem I'm 13 n I can't think of anything whatsoever 2 talk about
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If you run out of things to talk about, try singing to her or telling her a story. If you can't find anything else, then say your good byes and wait till next time.
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Lol I recently good hooked with this girl AND We talked about everything :P I'm so speechless lately ^_^ I still manage to make her laughs
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Do you want to have sex with me?? That will really help a lot. Trust me it works everytime.. You can't go wrong. She will be very happy and will be thinking about you all the time
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I pity your girlfriend.. Why on earth did you get a girlfriend when you can't even figure out what you have to speak... You are posting online questions... Gosh you guys have made relationships so very artificial

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