Can I Talk To My Fiancee Before Marriage By Phone?


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If you r a muslim then answer is simply NO.
It will be better to wait for the right time ( first night of wedding) so that you can enjoy the feelings for being a husband or wife between engagement and marraige time.

Hope that answer the question.

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If you are a Muslim,and you want to know what Islam says then No.It`s prohibited to talk.But as far as modern world is concerned it`s nothing bad about talking to your fiancee on phone before marriage as it will help you to understand each other better.
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Yes, of  course you can talk to your fiancee before marriage because you really need to know each other.
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How should I talk with my fiance ?? He is very serious man and I am not .I mean I make jokes about almost every thing just to lough but he does not seem to like it and I can not change my self I don't know what should I do??

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