My Husband Is Embarrassed In Introducing Me To His Friends. What Should I Do?


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Definitely talk to your husband about this. Ask him why is he embarrassed and that maybe if he told you to get to the bottom of this. Chap, who answered you first was very rude. You do not need to change your look or the way you talk and walk. I am sure you are fine as you are. If he feels you need to change tell him if you married me like this what's gone wrong.
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Oh my god that first responder is from the middle ages... But what's sad is probably more than half the men are in total agreement with him I bet... IT IS ALWAYS ASSUMED THAT IT IS THE WIFE THAT THE MAN IS NO LONGER ATTRACTED TO BEING THE REASON FOR THE GROWING APART IN MARRIAGES and I for one am sick of it... I live down the hall from my husband too and I admit that though I didn't get married for this (2nd marriage) A PART OF ME ENJOYS HAVING my room to myself and not having to share in his television shows or endure his snoring... I do miss waking up and falling asleep with someone though... That is the saddest
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Nothing... He has no reason to be embarrassed by you. He wasn't embarrassed when you were dating him.. Was he? Nothing has changed that drastic since dating. And that comment about change yourself is bull! If you change yourself to make him happy your going to make yourself sad. And if you did change he will find another reason to be embarrassed. I just lost 20 pounds for me but... Now my husband says he's embarrassed by me because I talk loud. If I talk loud now I talked loud before marriage so don't worry about it girl!
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I think the first answer was in jest!  
Maybe you should let him know that your embarrassed of him.  3 year old logic works on men, too.
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I think you should talk to your husband about this, why is he embarrassed? If you can understand then you are half way to solving the problem. If your husband cares for you, he shouldn't be embarrassed by you no matter what you look like or act like. As long as you are not offensive in your manners towards other people. So you can talk to him that is the best way forward.
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No to the first advice - it will take you deeply into depression.

Talk to your husband and find out - Your husband should like you no matter what. People change and he does too no exemption. He is being immature and he's the one who needs some changes.

This could be a ground of a ..... he better behave.
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Maybe you should start in aing him the question you asked me! Then you can start trying to introduce him to your friends. And if they r girls that r his friends then he might not want to because he might think that you might get jealous that you have a girl that happens to be your friend!
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Talk to him and ask why. You don't have to change the way the you look, walk and talk. I am sure that you are fine, just be yourself. I think there is something that he doesn't tell you, because it seems that he is afraid of something
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I hope you didn't take that first advise - change the way you look and walk ye right - easier to change your husband - I reckon he acts different around his friends than he dose around you - so he is the problem not you.
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First find out why the embarrassment then deal with it from there....determine really if his reason is reasonable or not
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Well if he feels embarrassed then, you should change the way you look, walk and talk. Give yourself a new make over and put yourself to loss. He will definitely admit that he has married the most beautiful woman.

You see after marriage it is even more important for women to stay in shape. If you take yoga classes, go to the gym and take a proper diet, you can stay in shape. And your husband won't feel embarrassed too. In order to keep a relation moving on and to make it work out, it is very important to work on the looks first. You should go the salon once in a month or twice, and you should try new out-fits and ask your husband how you look.

The major part comes when you talk, when you're out with his friends, don't respond very loudly to the conversations and respond when required. More over you should spend time with your husband, this will help him to know the new you, and fall in love with you again. So take good care of your outfits, your diet and your conversations and you'll see that your husband is happy then ever.

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