Do Men, Or Teenage Boys Prefer, Really Skinny, Normal Of Fat Girls Most! Please Answer! Thanks


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I have too friends one is pudgy and curvy and the friend is skinny and not curvy at all, The skinnier one gets all the guys. But its not because the way she look
Its because of confidence, Confidence is sexy, a girl who feels comfortable in her skin, is most likely a better girlfriend. Love yourself, and guys will love you, because their enough men out there who like different sizes so just enjoy your look and embrace it whether your skinny and short, or chubby and with a big chest
The key to a happy relationship is not only to respect each other but to respect yourselves.

Gosh I sound like a teen magazine lol
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Everybody has their own preferences but, if the guy is remotely worth the time of day they don't care about your body shape but for your personality and who you are inside...
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If you asked my husband he would say he likes a girl with a guitar figure (he's so P.Rican). Lol   But, I am chubby and cute, and he says he likes me just the way I am.  Guys are different and they don't necessarily know what they want anymore than a woman.
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Well, Men might as well get used to bigger women. The older a woman gets, probability is, she will get bigger. Especially after she has children. Should love someone for what's in their heart!
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Personally I like bigger girls I'm a teenager so yeah maybe my advice isn't the wisest but I would go personality over looks any day
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I feel that the idealistic female view is that men will love women for their personality... And they will... In time.
Initially, though, a mans attraction will be guided by his eyes. He won't pursue a woman that that he doesn't find visually appealing.
Different men have different tastes though. We can't all be labelled as loving the look of strippers on TV or the twigs strutting the catwalk. Some guys love chubby girls, some like an athletic build, others a voluptuous figure.

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Whats funny with all this is wear some thing that you feel good in. Look in the mirror , if you see that one little zit on your body look again at thr rest of you sombody out there loves you for you not a diet starved twigg. You have to go out and be confident of yourself dont let someone else tell you what YOU WANT TO BE! The person inside goes a long way.
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Men usually have a mindset of what they are looking for and they all differ, teenage boys tend prefer to get laid no matter what the partner looks like, about 90% of the time. 
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Well I'm not skinny and not fat in my book at least. And I know I am a very attractive girl. I never had any complaints. Its all about how you carry yourself. Confidence is the best way to go.
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Men have differing preferences.  Fat girls are unappealing and really skinny girls are not sexy at all.  Just watch your weight and enhance what nature gave you.  Learn to dress to your best advantage.  A well-proportioned girl who doesn't take care of herself is unattractive.  Learn how to use makeup sparingly but well and make sure your hair style fits your face and keep your hair clean and smelling  good.  Also a little perfume or lotion is good but not too much.  Shower regularly and stay clean.
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Okay personally i really dont think that telling girls that are over weight to watch what they eat is very not obese but i use to be but now im kinda normal sized girl but i have pudgy-ness also that plays out my curves..and i think im perfect..It doesnt matter to me about how much i eat,, i know that if a guy loves me he wouldnt care either,,As long as i was happy it woulnt matter..and ive been with my boyfriend for 6 months..and he loves everything about me...not just my body
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I'm 5'4 and 125lbs and because of this weight obsession the world has thrown themselves into I'm off to the doctor's next week to cure my eating disorder. Thanks to everyone who called me fat and made oinking noises around me, I'll always think I'm fat no matter how thin I am. However I'm in love with an overweight boy and wouldn't change him for anything in the world. Boys probably do enjoy the chunk but you got to find them!
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Any1 who call u fat its probably cuz theyre jelaous theyre probably skinny little bitches who aint got nothin on them & r hatin on u plus 125 is not a lot ur mad skinny any bitch who says something else break their ugly faces ur better than them
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This definitely depends on the individuals choice.  I see it that an average women that has good hygeine and a good attitude and tries to look her best.  This women in my eyes as far as appearance goes is as good as it is going to get.
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I think all boys are basically shallow.....they are very superficial and only prefer thin girls not skinny but thin because there's a hell lot of a difference between skinny and thin! Take it from me boys don't even extend a hand of friendship to fat or rather obese girls because as someone has told before me they are embarrassed to be seen with a heavy girl and it is a fact!!!! When they dint even want to make friends with fat girls why would they want to be in a relationship with them? I say all this out of experience because I'm one of those often ridiculed and insulted and teased obese girls...and I've never been in a relationship my whole life and noone has even proposed to me.....
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I think most boys like the normal girls but I believe it depends on your personality.
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To each his own is the old saying . Myself I prefer a girl with just a little extra poundage .
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I would like to think that boys wouldn't matter if a girl is fat. But most boys at my school like skinny girls not too skinny but not even normal wait. I'm 12 years old and lots of boys like skinny girls. Me however. I'm not skinny. I'm chubby though. But that doesnt mean guys don't like me. I think this one guy likes me because my friend say so. But you can never know wats going on inside every male mind
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All the above but when it comes to fat there is a need for specific's chunky and they must have curves. Somewhat of a definition is a must, guys need something to make them want or desire.
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I think most men like normal girls. A little fat girls also ok. A few men like skinny girls too. And if you want to attract a man it will depend on your approach not your looks.
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Everyone likes different things, my hubby told me when we met, he liked long hair, size 14 clothes, jeans and no tattoos,
I had short hair, I'm a size 10, I wore tiny little skirts and have 11 tattoos.... So I guess its down to personality
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Yes, so men do like more skinner girls then fat girl, but though men are not worth the look. A girl needs a man who likes her for who she is.
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I think teenage guys like normal,, too skinny is weird they don't have anything too fat is sometimes embarrasing for them  so its normal I guess sexy with curves =)
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For me I prefer moment that take care of themselves. I used to be fat, but know I am healthy and it right. I prefer I girl that is not to skinny or to heavy. It also matters what is on the inside because you never what a stuck up. Because they are too mean, only thing about themselves, and basically rude.
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Guys are simple creatures, and no matter how amazing you are a guy will still care about how you look. I like normal girls too skinny girls piss me off and I just don't like overweight girls. I hate the stereotype that girls have to be a size zero its stupid.
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First, all this stuff about guys who care about what you have inside and not about your body shape... This is non-sense! Guys do care about your body shape! Not all of them like skiny girls, I would say that the majority prefer a normal body type, but all guys have a certain preference. Second, I'm not saying that this is all they care about, but they don't look at a girl (first time they see her) and say: Oh, she must be great inside! Never, they would rather appreciate her smile, her attitude, the way she acts, the way she walks, the way she talks and after, but only after they will see that the girl is beautiful inside!
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Depends on the guy, but for the majority of males I've known they prefer thin girls. But not all feel this way. Plus what should the body type matter if personality is also such a key factor to guys dating girls.

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I think it really depends on the person because some boys don't care others have their prefer body size. But me as a girl I like normal boys the most.
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Slim with big boobs and an ass!!! A pretty face too but come on. Boys just think we have the same features as the girls on porn. ITS ALL A LIE BOYS!!!
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Teenage boys usually like skinny ones and men the curvy womens. But you can never tell what exactly they want.Actually they don't care about these things until the sex is fantastic or they're completely in luv with you.
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Well I'm not a guy,, but I would think that a guy would prefer normal sized girls,, or a little on the chubby side....and I wouldnt call them fat...obese would be the correct term. But I don't know if guys would like to have a really skinny girl that looks unhealthy.....thats my opinion....
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My mom was a size 0-2 and 5' 7" when dad married her. 30 years later, they're still together (she's gained 6 sizes, though..).

I'm the same, and a lot of people say the model-thin is stunning.

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