Do Girls Really Care If Men Can Dance Or Not?


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I care,I'd want the man I'm dancing with to be smooth and command the floor,or the little space we'll be in,and I wouldn't want neither of us to be embarrassed about the others ability to move on the floor as a couple,I didn't take myself serious until girls started laughing at me so I polished up on my skills,watched videos and practiced a lot so I could keep up with everyone else and I came out of with my own unique style,now people try to copy me,and I love it.
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Quentin Sasq
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Thanks for your opinion. I am not talking about a ballroom, formal dance - by the way - just a general night out in a night club etc. Where most people are off there faces on drugs anyway. I am not sure if this changes your opinion or not? Thanks.
Lisa michalski
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I don't ballroom dance,I'm talking about club dancing,and I don't know who is a drugged out or not but,I was once a stripper at a club called the silver saddle in national city calif. When it was open and right next to the base there at main street,so no it doesn't change what i said.because its always good to know how to dance,or at least have some rythum.
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I don't think so. At least I don't, and the women I know don't care either. I think the most important thing is to not take yourself too seriously and have fun. I know I'm a terrible dancer. No rhythm and I'm never sure what to do with my hands. But I don't care. I don't go out dancing a whole lot though--can't actually remember the last time! My kids keep me pretty tied down--though I do dance with them and they never laugh at me!
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Not really unless its slow dancing and you can just ask your mom about that and us girls don't really  mind if you can't dance we just think its really sweet and caring and we just like to see it you can hold us. We like to fell special you know.
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Well it all depends on the woman.  Some woman don't care about dancing and when they dance then they do it for the fun and because they enjoy it, but other woman take it very seriously.  I love dancing and I take it seriously.  My husband and myself use to be great together.  We did all kinds of dancing from our traditional dancing right up to Ballroom dancing.  Normally we use to be the center of attraction when it comes to dancing and so it was very important for me to look good on the dance floor.  On the dance floor I need the man to take the control otherwise I do because I'm a control freak.  He use to always say that I must stop controlling him because without me even realizing it, I would do it and then I let him take over again.
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Nope I could give a hoot about the dancing...just having fun and enjoying the music and the atmosphere. What do you really think about it? What women want? Oh MY that is the question of the century. Sorry about that. Now can you answer? LOL I am just funning with you.
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No it doesn't matter, just be teachable.  Be open minded and be able to laugh at yourself every step of the way. :)  If you make an effort to try that's all that really matters.  If men can't and don't want to try there's nothing more frustrating because they don't want to hurt their pride by trying something they've never done and possibly failing.  Only thing to fear is fear itself.  Go for it!
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If a guy can learn football patterns or basketball strategies,  he  surely could learn enough dance moves to be able to dance with a female partner.  It is not a deal breaker if a guy simply refuses to dance.  However it is something everyone should know how to do just as you should know basic social graces.  Women love to dance because it is sexy and also very romantic.  They want their guys to feel the same way they do about spending time together dancing around  the dance floor.  So guys  should find one of their friends who can dance and there are plenty of guys around who truly love to dance.  Then get some basic steps learned and get out there and get to dancing!
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Depends, but if she can't exept that you don't like to dance or can't, she's got to go she must like you for you. But yes most of the girls do like guys who can dance, unlike me I don't care, but don't change yourself just because you think girls would like it

but good luck anywhy mwa....
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If a hot women or girl and ask you to dance and you're a guy, which I presume the situation would be, be a real man and say no.  Tell her that if dance is that important to her she should realize that men do not hold that same notion.  The only reason men dance is to get sex and most women hold that little carrot over our heads to get us to dance with them.
The dance music SUCKS, the atmosphere is simple minded, and every time I get suckered into going to a club my IQ drops 100+ points.  I would say its a safe bet that about 90% of men feel that way.
That would be the day I waste money on dance lessons.  If you (women) think that you should be the center of attention on a dance floor you need to seek professional help.
I can't beleive people would actually take dance lessons and "polish" up their moves.  What a total waste of time and money.  I would rather have a tooth pulled and/or go out and buy a "dead horse".
Dancing is not "Sexy or romantic" and don't let your women tell you that.  If you feel like dancing is not right or doesnt feel right, don't do it and tell your woman to take a hike.  Most women are delusional when it comes to dance. Real men do not dance.   And based on what I have seen from the people I have talked to, its 90% correct.
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Lianna Lins
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Wrong, wrong, wrong...
Trip Over
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But its a fact that real men do not dance and the majority of men if had the chance of either dancing or having a tooth pulled, the majority would choose the later. And I find it childish for women to hold dance over us. If you want to dance, build a fire, cover yourself with mud, and dance around said fire. On another note, women have ruined music the past 50 years. THe old cliche` "its got a good beat and you can dance to it" has ruined music.
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I think they do,especially if they can dance themselves and like to dance,it makes a difference to me,plus who wants a person dancing with them and there timing is off or they are all over your feet,in my time you only got one chance to show what you have as far as rhythm,and that was it....most people find a friend and practice prior to taking to the dance floor, as a growing child the mirror was a good partner to see if your timing and steps looked good..hope this helps.....
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I do because I love to dance I am the center of attraction when I dance because everyone is like dang white girl can dance if yall are talking about ballroom dancing then I'm just all wrong for this question but still I LOVE to go crumpling so I used to dance just freestyle but then some guy asked me to freestyle dance with him so now I LOVE to dance with a big group of guys and I like to challenge my guy friends to a dance off and if a fast song comes on I'm not going to dance with my girlfriends I take dancing VERY seriously I don't get to go dancing often so when I can go dancing I try to have as much fun as possible, so guys that can dance really interest me.
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Be true to yourself, and do what you think is right. My experience is that just moving from side to side does not cut it with the ladies, so try and improve your abilities and you should improve their opinion of your dancing.
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I don't believe so, I think that rumor got around so girls could tell guys that there not interested in them. If the right girl comes around shes not going to be interested in your dancing any
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Yes I do.... Especially if he can do ball room dancing.....
but if I love him them I wouldn't mind if can't.....LOL
it does gives some kinda attractions though...

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To be honest, I really don't care. There are more important things than if a bloke can dance.
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This is coming from a guy. Think of it this way dude. If a hot, sexy, woman comes at you and asks you to dance, are you going to say no. Of course not unless your stupid. But when a woman does ask you to dance you should know how to dance at least pretty good, because you don't want to look like a idiot in front of a hot girl do you? So here's what you do. Practice and tell your friends to practice to. If you really need to know how to dance, learn from a coreographer. It will cost you though, but if you and your friends all split the cost together, it won't cost you that much. So by the next time a girl asks you to dance, you can impress her with your moves, because every ladie likes a guy who can dance; trust me.
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Yes it does matter. Maybe you should go take some dancing lessons or something... Most of the females loves when a male knows how to dance. Well maybe you aren't bad but if you still feel self conscious about dancing then take some dance lessons it wont hurt.

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