Would it be wrong if a 16 year old was going out with a 21 year old?


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Robert Wilbur answered
Honestly sweetie. The biggest problems are that the laws of the united states do not look at the two of you as equals.

The laws that govern the 21 year old do not also govern the 16 year okd.

So not only are you not likely to have the same interest, you are not legally allowed to have the same interest.....

So then what? In order to be the same type of person, as the one you love, you have to be a criminal, or they do?

There is no love shown when you force someone to break the law, and risk their freedom over it.

Nobody should have the right to ask another to be a criminal, and no one should have the right to force another to break the law....AND ESPECIALLY THEY SHOULD NOT RISK ANYONES FREEDOM

And they would not do it no matter how bad they wanted to, if they truely loved one another
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Arun Bera answered
No its not a wrong, be positive and enjoy your beautiful moment!!
Haakvorn of Sparta Profile
Much discussion there is, About right and wrong. But in truth, there is no right or wrong.
It is all about opinion, What you believe to be right or wrong. This is why some fight, For their definition of right.
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Scott Nelson answered
It can be considered wrong. If you are under the age of 18, and you are dating someone over the age of 18, it is illegal.
But who can stop true love?
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Angela Rocheta answered
No there's nothing wrong with that in my opinion. Age is just a number, anybody can go out with anybody else any age. It all depends on the two people really, if they have feeling for eachother.
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Sylver Fox answered
Well, it's not wrong, but it's risky.
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Ariel Kapper answered
Depends on what your parents think about it, if they go for it then it may not be a bad thing
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Sabrina Singler answered
No idts. Age is just a number. I was 3 years younger then a guy i had a thing with. Just enjoy it, and be happy
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Cheryl Fox
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I'm 6 years younger than my partner BUT I'm 24 and he is 30 so although there are some cultural differences i.e. He remembers things I don't we're are both pretty much at the same developmental, emotional stage. A 16 year old is/should be at a different life stage than the 21 year old. At 21 you are getting ready to step into the world as an adult at 16 you aren't even finished high school.

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