Is it bad if a 16 yr old likes a 12 year old?


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It isn't bad
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Mohith H answered
It's not bad
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I guess it depends on who the person is, a boy or a girl. I will say yes, if the 16year old likes the 12 year old wait until that person is 16 years old. Key word is wait for that person.
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Ihab Marzouk answered
When I was 15, I had a crush on an about 12 yo. I liked it and I did not think about if it was bad or not. It's just love we're talking about. It's so innocent as long as you don't hurt anyone.
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allie <3 hi <3 answered
Yer it is dangerous! You shouldn't like him! He could be a playa just trying to play wit you just to tell his "friends"!
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Annie Devore answered
The 12 Year Old Is Just Too Young.. That's Like Bait..  Questions And Trouble. Not Even
A Teenager..
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Sam Green answered
Well,my older sis likes a 25 yr old,and my sis is 18,and he's real nice to her and stuff,always come down to visit her and stuff,he lives in Mississippi
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Joan answered
I would recommend that the 16 year old find someone nearer their own age.  The 12 year old is simply not as mature as the 16 year old and is truthfully not as capable of making good decisions as is the 16 year old.  I doubt the parents of the 12 year old would allow any dating to occur and sneaking around is certainly not the way to develop a long lasting relationship.  I would think because of the age difference, their interests would vary greatly as well.  To say it is bad to like someone, you can not say that. could develop into something bad if at some time in the future sex were to come into the picture.  The 16 year old is more mature not only mentally but physically as well and sex could become a issue in the future. could be a very big problem.
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It is not bad but it will definitely cause problems.  The 16 yr old is at a different point in their life as the 12 yr old.  Changes are happening both physically and emotionally that the 12 yr old cannot yet comprehend.  I would tell the 16 yr old to wait until they 12 yr old is at least 18 to make a decision to be with them.

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