How Do I Know If A 12 Year Old Boy Likes Me?


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-he will want to talk to you a lot.
-he will want to be around you a lot.
-he will twist his tongue around you.
-he will try to get a lot of guys away from you.
-he will look into your eyes a lot.
-he will try to fallow you or sit next to you a lot.
-he will laugh around you a lot.
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Well some signs are if he acts weird around you, smiles a lot at you, stair at you, pay you compliments, or ask you if you have a boyfriend. Those are some signs.
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Well the thing is all of that is true...though I have questions myself. Like 1 time some of his friends pushed him toward me when we were in the lunch line. Then another day we were in class and another 1 of his friends said my name like he was going to ask me something & the boy was like no no. But the thing is I don't talk to him a lot cause he is not in a lot of my classes. Does he like me?
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All the things you hear or see might be true, but when I was 12, I just moved into a different town, I didn't like anybody. Every time I go to my brother's baseball game and there was this boy who always teased me, and would playfully/teasingly hit me. And when he would actually hurt me on accident he said sorry a lot. He made his own pet name for me, and he would always want to play with me and then I started liking him... It's like those examples they give on the internet. Hope it helped a little.
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Well I think that first of all- they'll act differently around you then others. When I was 12, a boy kept treating me differently, and when I asked him what was up, his face turned red and he said "Nothin". That's when I realized he most likely liked me. So one day I got him in private and said "If you like me, don't be afraid to tell me." He was sooooo much more comfortable around me after that, then the crush just died down. He kissed me on the cheek once or twice, but nothing really. 12 year olds have a crush one day, then none the next.
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Well there's this boy that sat next to me in the lunch table and he was looking at me. Also he asked me if I can give him a high five! Sometimes I see him staring at me!

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