Im a 14 year old boy how can i get panties without my parents knowing?


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Yikes Iache answered
Buy them before you get caught. And you most likely will be after stealing a pair of pink satin panties from a girl that you know. And she knows everyone you know. She may tell you she understands your "problem" and wont tell. She will tell everyone how cute your "thingie" is in there"and it gets so hard".
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Lee Jay answered
That's tought, but it can be done.  What you can do is go to a store and buy them.  If you are asked you can claim they are for your sister.  Or, less desireable, would to be to swipe a pair occassinaly from you sister (that is assuming you have one) or a female cousin.  Or, as a last resort, well you could simply swipe a pair occassionally from you Mom.

Of course you know your situation best, but why not be up front with your parents?  Tell you Mom you want panties to wear and why and she might very well surprise you by buying you some.  My mom did with me ...
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Go to a store and buy a pair.

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