I have a friend that had a bad life growing up. We're 13 now and when she was younger her dad used to molest her and rape her. She wants to know if she's still considered a virgin because it was against her will and she was only 6. Is she or not?


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Just going to clear something up, some people are born without hymens, most girls break their hymen through an activity other than sex such as bike riding or using tampons, breaking your hymen doesn't mean you aren't a virgin. You are no longer a virgin when a penis has entered your vagina, so unfortunately, your friend is not a virgin. That is a really awful thing to hear and I hope your friend can grow up a, strong person, and that those terrible experiences have little effect on her life from now. Spirit Sparks is right, she needs to move on and start again, tell herself she is a virgin even if physically, she isn't.
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Spirit Sparks answered
She needs to start over.
She needs to tell herself mentally that she IS a virgin.
Even if she isn't physically.
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Something like this happened to me but it was my Dad's best friend! I counted myself as not a virgin for the longest time, but this really sweet and awesome dude told me I'm still a virgin because it wasn't by my own will; you still are!
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Nope her hymen is broken so she is no longer a virgin.
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No she is not a virgin anymore, her v card is gone. I feel really bad for her though that is disgusting that her Dad raped her.
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I'm sorry she had to deal with that, but no technically she is not a virgin. I hope her dad legally had to pay for what he did, odds are she wasn't the  only kid he hurt.

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