Can Someone Stop Me From Crying And Make Me Feel Not So Alone Anymore?


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Peggy Irish answered
Spiderman, I am so sorry to see this question on here.  The holidays are very trying for us and very much for some.  I don't know if you just went through a recent break up or are just alone.  

I lost my Dad in April and was very sad this Christmas, but was lucky to have friends and sisters to help me through the pain.  

You are not alone and there are people that feel the same as you do and support groups that can help.  I hope this helps and I am here if you need to chat.
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Moe Pence answered
Stay with us here for a bit, dear -- you're not alone if we're on here.  Any one of us will be glad to talk to you and help you feel a bit better.  I read your other question, and I understand why you're feeling that way.  Sometimes we just can't force things to happen, although it would be so comforting and would ease the heartache.  Trying to find something to do during the time you're waiting for a phone call again, would make the time go faster for you.  Meantime, if you'd like, tiggersmom is a wonderful lady to talk to, and fourblocks is an understanding person.  All 3 of us feel your pain, and are here if you'd like to talk.
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Linda Walker answered
  After my husband died, i prayed to die too. I could not stop crying and I felt hollow inside. I finally learned that life goes on without us. No matter how bad you feel, life still goes on. You need to start centering your attention on yourself. Do things that make you feel good about yourself. Cut your hair, go to a good concert. Then learn to help other people. Volunter in some cause you enjoy. When you are busy helping others, you tend to forget your own problems. Good luck.
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We can talk in my box dear, I don't want you to cry. O.k.?

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