Why Does He Love Me One Day, Then Ignore Me The Next?


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As much as it sounds like you may have heard this before it seems to me as though he wants just sex. If he gets it then he doesn't have to bother be in nice till next time if he don't get it he'll probably be in a mood. Your love for him is  based on  him being unattainable, unattainable because he doesn't want to give himself. I hate the thought that people waste their lives on, maybe immature, maybe, selfish people my advice move on you deserve better
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Donot listen to the person that suggested therapy, it happens to the best of us. All I can really tell you is that your relationship is a one-way street. Don't stand by while he uses you because you're just missing out on the opportunity to meet a guy who can LOVE you and treat you better. My thoughts is that maybe he's not feeling the same way towards you, that you feel for him, or that he says he loves you to get what he wants from you. Whatever the reason, know you could always do better.
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No matter what you do it will hurt, it always does. Staying with him will hurt you because its not what your looking for and well leaving him but still having the feelings hurts even more because you wish it could work out and you hope if you hold onto him in anyway it will make him come back to you.
I'm sorry that it has to be like this, life sucks, love sucks, I wish we all could skip everyone in our loves until the right one comes, and when he does you will know
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Be careful....when someone does that, usually they just want something from you not who you are.  Pay attention, if you look close enough you can tell if he is sincere, if not, don't take any chances.  He isn't worth it!!
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People who love you do so with action, not words. If you love him, then it is also time to take action and found out exactly what he wants and needs, as well as what you want and need.
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Omgoshhh what a loser! This guy doesn't know what he wants...hes really confused sweetie if you like him then try to get him...but if hes going to ignore you I would move on and forget about him find someone who won't ignore you...all young boys are so ughhhh dumb! They are just so confused all the time...he could be playing hard to get too in that case hes playing the game which is so horrible cause I hate the game haha.
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Guys are more confused than girls could ever be!! Sounds to me like he thought you liked him, but changed his mind for whatever reason, maybe he's the one playing hard to get now!! But guys are dumb like that, especially young ones that have no sense of who they are, where they are or where they are going.
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maybe because he isn't getting his own way as fast as he would like please don't be pushed into something your not ready for if he acts a fool round you again just ignore him it will tell him you are not going to be bullied into something take care be wise
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The part you said about not getting what he wanted soon enough actually sounds reasonable. But... what you said about ignoring him would make him not like me again. And honestly as bad as it sounds i can't let that happen again. I need to take all risks in my life. Hes a person that i can't afford to loose. That may be the heat of the moment talking. But i love him to much to loose him again.
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but honestly it sounds like he knows he can treat you like he wants because he is well aware of you will do anything what is to be so scared about onloosing him your young with years and years ahead of you if you want to learn for yourself that is fine but remember pride comes before a fall and no one would want you to feel heartbroken if possible its your choice ,your life but please take it slow
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I think you should forget him if he is brushing on you......ueww he is seriously a LOSER.... He is sexually harassing   you... He could be arrested through eve-teasing (I think I missed spelled it) case in India.... If he likes you, he clearly shows that he likes your physically...... He is sending very wrong signal there!!!!
Girlfriend this guy never loved you, he wanted to have sex with you...you should move on and forget about him. There is a better man out there for you who is not going to love you because they want to have sex with you. He is not better than you...move on girl
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Lots of possibilities.  He may want to keep his personal life personal.  He may have a roving eye, therefore he would not want anyone to know he is in a relationship.  It is a new relationship and he is still getting used to having a girlfriend.  He could be shy.
Hope this helped??  Some food for thought.
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It can  mean he likes you but is too young or shy to ask you out, too nervous, does not know if he should try to talk to you because he could not tell if you like him back, does not want his friends to know he likes you for whatever reasons....there are several reasons it can be. So first of all, if you did not make it obvious to him that you like him back, you may just need to tell him. Maybe write him a little note, and stick it in his locker. Guys are not always good at being able to tell if we like them. Us girls usually give visual signals....smile at him, touch his arm or shoulder when talking to him, giggle or toss your hair a little when talking to him....stuff like that. But guys are opposite of girls....they would rather be sure if you just said you like them back instead of trying to read your signals.
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Yea most likely he is shy and just don't have enough courage to go up to you and talk to you himself. This is probably why he have his friend going up to you and asking you the question that he would like to ask you himself . How about you just go up to him and try to make convo to break the ice.

If it doesn't work then I think you should just leave him alone for a while until he pucks up the courage to talk to you and if he doesn't then don't let it bother you. Theres other guys in the world sweety don't waste your time on little kiddies games its fun at first but then you will soon realize it gets annoying at times.

Hope I've helped


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