Why Do We Love The Ones Who Ignore Us And Ignore The Ones Who Love Us?


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I agree with both bgirl525 and Amala7.  Especially with the "taking for granted" part. I remember one boyfriend got so comfortable with me, he was sure that I would be there no matter what. When I finally left him, he literally went nuts trying to get me back. Sometimes it also an ego thing. We want the comfort and safety of knowing that you have someone's attention. The one's who love us, we know we have....the one's who ignore us are the ones that our ego strives to get attention from.
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I would think it is because the feeling is not mutual,those that love and the love is not returned equally,it most likely to be manipulated by the person that has less love because the feeling is the more I do,the closer I will come to making this person learn to love me,love is not a learned emotion it has to come naturally,because it is a natural emotion...hope this helps with some incite.
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It seems we want what or who, is not ours, and take those who are ours, for granted.  That is wrong- we should treasure our loved ones.  I lost my 37 yr old husband last year, and desperately want him back.
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I'm so sorry to hear that. I would rather lose my husband to death than to another woman.
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I don't know about that. While another woman would be devastating, it can be forgiven, worked out, and he would still be alive. Losing a spuse is absolutely the most devastating thing I have endured. The pain is intense and the suffering that grief brings is unbelievable- It never goes away.
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Dear GodlovesU: I'm so sorry to hear that. How horrible! My prayers are with you. To: Iceblue: Are you really serious? Wow. That's pretty selfish. Wow.
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You feel kinda rejected. Were only human so we want what we can' have! :-)
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Some of us are so filled with mixed emotions all the time, and all we need is to be pointed in the right direction....
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It is one of human nature to reach the impossible.....
when things look hard  for example;
like a girl playing hard-to-get to a guy, the guy will feels that it is her way of saying yes to him and his position and duty is... To chase after her and GET her!

another is when you know it is there(the ones who love you)you tend to take them for granted.....
one of the proves are teenagers running away with their boyfriend whom they know less than a year or so....at this time they forget the one who raised them up, they seriously take their parents for granted.....

some teen actually curse their parents for being over protective and not letting them to go for parties till late night... They rather chase after momentary entertainment than life without regret....

I hope my explanation makes sense I am writing in an emo mood....!

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We naturally enjoy a challenge, a battle, even with it's another person. Knowing we have the love of our loved ones is satisfying, yes, and we do love them in return [usually], but... Knowing someone is ignoring you can be frustrating, so you want to fight like hell to get them to like you. It's just the same as fighting to get a lover, like a guy chasing a girl who's playing hard-to-get, or even a guy who ignores a girl who happens to have a major crush on him.

Either way, I think we just naturally crave the attention, no matter who we are, we like to feel wanted. To feel ignored can either hurt, frustrate or confuse a person.

I really don't know how to word it properly, it's just... An addiction, in a way. You want to feel wanted and needed. You have people who love you, which is great, but it's the person who ignores you that catches your attention most. I guess that's really all I can say about it, to be honest.
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Strange but true..sometimes.  Maybe it's because of wanting what we cannot have.  Maybe because we cannot accept the rejection from this other person.  Maybe we just feel so unworthy to be loved that is why we accept an unrequited love.  Sad and awful situation.  At some point, we should get out of there and see who is looking our way lovingly.
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Thee is nothing left to say a it has all been already stated here and I agree with every response.
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Haha, not me

No one seems interested in me so I stick to doing interesting things with my time like writing :-)

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Because we don't know the actual value of things having with us instead we run after the things which I can never get
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We love the ones who ignore us because simply people want what they can't have, by the way you can totally have whatever you like ..
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For all the silly people that tried to answer a question that cannot be answered its a apifany.. Its a saying and thats not all of the saying either.....

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