I am in love with my best friend and we are roommates. How do I get over loving some one who doesn't love you the same way back?


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First tell me your gender and the one you love's gender so that I can help you?

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I am male and my roommate is male
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So if he doesn't love you back then don't tell him you love him until he doesn't tell you or you can't control yourself! Just do good things for your bf and be sweet, act as if you're trying to get close to him, know him more, help him and all and then I'm sure if you act such nicely with him he'll probably start loving you!
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Ouch! I've been where you are, and it's horrible! The worst thing is you can't even hate someone for not loving you back; it's not their fault they don't see you in 'that' way. And yet, it's a horrible, painful emotion when you love someone and they don't love you back. It's not easy, but you can get over someone, given time. But it's going to be almost impossible if you live with them and see them every day! Is there any way you can move? I'm not saying drop the friendship; as I've already said, it's not someone's fault if they don't love you back and they don't deserve you blanking them. But you need to look out for yourself here. It's not selfish to need some time away from this person, to not be living under the same roof, maybe even not have contact with them for a few months. You need to heal from this, and if they are good friend, they would understand. I promise, things do get better. I've been there and very soon you will move on from this person. But that can only happen if you don't have them in your environment all the time. Once you've healed, if you want, you can always come back to this person and start up a friendship. One of my best friends is someone who rejected me a few years back. I managed to get over him after some space, and now we're close friends. Good luck!

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