What is the best way to attract girls?


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yarnlady answered
Think about what you want in a good friend, and be sure you are willing to give that to anyone you meet. If you are a good friend to both men and women, you will find that women are attracted to you.

Be kind, trustworthy and helpful.
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Rosa Peace answered
Don't act all cool and ignore her, bad boy crap don't work O_O
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When you are trying to attract a girl they are few things you should always do.  The first one being Eye contact.  Eye contact is a powerful way of saying to a girl that you are not a wussy.  Be sure not to look away.  You should also work on your body language, the way you speak, what you talk about ....etc but the most important thing is that you practice on your confidence because women can smell wether you are confident or not.  Incidentally, confidence is attractive to them.

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dovey tar answered
Be yourself. Nothing attracts girls more than a guy being cool and confident about himself. *_*
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Ndm Khan answered
Many girls like funny boys,who makes her laugh....honest and loyal and most important thing is just BE YOURSELF who you are...don't change for someone else
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isiah tyler answered
Well how i learned was failing alot. Eventually you'll find out what you need to about women. What I'm saying is have patience and don't be to quick to impress.

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