How To Attract Neighbour Aunt?


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If you are referring to art of attracting a woman then the most important thing you need to consider is to be yourself. If you two find that you are physically attracted to each other physically then the next step would be to approach this person and start getting to know them on a personal level.

There are no official rules and regulations when it comes to getting to know a potential love interest. However - the most important thing that needs to be considered is confidence.

Confidence is the key to coming across as attractive and interesting to people. If you are interpreted as a confident and stable individual then it is much more likely that people will be attracted to you. You must not be:

  • Shy or withdrawn
  • Overconfident and cocky

If you behave in a shy or withdrawn way, then there is no reason that people would be attracted to you. They will see your hesitation and bashfulness and may eventually give up trying to approach you.

  • It works both ways!

However - you cannot go the other way either and be very loud, brash, cocky and arrogant. That is just as bad if not worse than being very shy and introverted. The chances are you are just going to annoy people and make them want to avoid you if you come across as full of yourself and overconfident.

  • How to win over feelings

In summary - you just need to be you. Approach this person and strike off a conversation with them. Start off slow and just gradually get to know them. When you feel comfortable, you may even wish to ask them out on a date and see if the relationship can progress any further.

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