How Can I Impress My Neighbour's Wife?


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Try to be better then her husband...
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Get to know her name..and find her in an online chat wall.Then, get her attention until you both desire to know each other..(pls online with nick name that she's think you're stranger)..
Interview her..and she will definitely tell you the story that you might know too..
So ..that's her..then,make she laugh and chatting with you are start tell her that you actually admire with someone..and a neighbour.."she's hot..and pretty..but she's married..ow uh if she's mine.."
this step, you make sure you tell everything similar about her..make she think" oh my's me!" will notice..she will peeping on you and maybe talk to you..please keep pretending..until you feel comfortable to setup the date with her..and when you both meet..pretending "'s you.." She might think that..she is the one at the very first place in this "coincidence". (this answer is by my experience...and I still keep pretending..ow uh..)
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Forget it as this is one of the ten commandments so forget it
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Ok man thats wrong. Some piece of advice though volunteer for women's clubs if she has any and help her out .mow her lawn . All that volunteer stuff you'll so get her attention

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