I Want To Impress My Girlfriend's Parents But I Don't Know How. Can You HELP?


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Among all the things strange said more important things are being polite and  have respect for the parents, be enthusiastic about greeting yourself make sure they know your there because you want to be not because your being draged into an uncomfortable situation and above all be honest theres no need to say things that you aren't or have never been because it will all come back round in the end if your relationship with your girlfriend goes to the peak and also be yourself as I said before theres no need to be someone your not because if they can not accept you the way you are thats there problem not yours
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Show that you are great at both academics and sports (and if your not, you need to be because this applies to all girls). Show him that you aren't after his daughter for sex, because he is going to automatically assume that you are, and show him that his daughter (your girlfriend) is the most important thing in your life (along with your education). If you can show that then there is an added bonus. When you get a good education, you will get a better job (like a surgeon). When you get a better job, then you make more money, and it has been scientifically proven both women (and their parents) are more attracted to a guy who makes more money because that assures them that you will be able to take care of her for the rest of yours (and more importantly her) life.
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Dont worry dear actually i m facing same...just respect her parents..show them how nice person u r. U should have gud job. Lots of money. Politeness.
Hope..try to speak into those subject only where her parents feel comfort and they shown there interest.. Rest of the thing depend on god..gus luck
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Most parents like to see whomever their child is dating with someone who will add ease and joy into their life. So pretty much present yourself like a living resume. Try to be as calm as possible. Show them that you want to someday be apart of them and that you plan on being everything to their child, and be there for them always. Share your life stories (good, pleasant ones) that reveal your talents, aspirations, academics, hobbies, a little about your family, and the adventures (good, clean ones) that you and their child have shared together. Give and receive; be sure to listen to them intently, they like to know you're an attentive listener. Just try to pretend it's your family you're seeing for the first time since you were a child.
Hope I helped a little, I'm terrible shy and nervous about the same subject and I just gave you advice that I gave myself when I first met my boyfriend's family. = )
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Don't be hypocrite, if just want to impress her parents. I'm sure you never do bad thing to your girlfriend, rite? Your girlfriend also need to speak up a few words to her parents for "approval". Not immediately her parents will like you.it takes time too. Sooner or later they will like you. Not now maybe later. Don't worry. You must make sure your partner always happy.that's for sure!!
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Call them mr. And mrs. ____ and be very polite, keep your hands off your girlfriend while around them

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