Do I Need To Tell My Parents That I Have A Girlfriend?


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Aimee Rogers answered
Technically you do not have to but it might be better if you do. It all depends upon how serious the relationship is and how long it has been going on for. Some people do not like to tell their parents that they have a relationship until they have been in the relationship for a while. This is because in the past they may have told their parents about their current partner but then they may have split up soon after causing embarrassment.

Overall if it is a serious relationship then telling them would be the best option. They will trust you more if you tell them things too and that will make your life a lot better and a lot easier.
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Anonymous answered
No but they will find out sorry. My parents have found out a lot that only I and her knew :/ but just don't tell other people or word will spread and someone will eventually tell their parent who will tell yours.
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Annie McManus answered
You don't nee to but itsa a good idea to cause they want know everything tht happens. Unless you've never had a boyfrind then you keep to yor self cause then they might frek out on you to go break up with her and you probuly don't want to do a thing such like that.
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john caleb answered
Yes you have to.There is nothing wrong in doing so.As long as you keep your parents posted about all things that you do,you can live a tension free life.
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Brandon Lee answered
Nah not until you get far in the relationship. But the first couple of months they don't have to know or need to. But when you get into the relationship about 3 months, that's when you should tell them.
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Juan Cunanan answered
I have been in a relationship for about 4 months and I need to hide almost EVERYTHING from my strict parents.If I tell them I have a gf they would be MAD.Should I tell them YES or NO?

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